30 January 2010

We've been waiting for this since June.

Don't forget to truck on over to Winging It in Motown during tomorrow's game to participate in the live game thread. For every comment posted, money will be donated to the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti. You can also contact WIM's Casey to donate directly. Brian will be repping the TSO duo tomorrow; he's promised to refrain from horribly inappropriate commentary--however, I feel the need to tell you he won't be wearing pants. This shouldn't affect how he communicates with everyone tomorrow, but it will definitely affect how you feel every time you see something pop up from him.

Wings @ Penguins. Sunday. 12:30 p.m.

Our hockey day festivities will be in the form of a game, which we are sharing with you hereafter. It's kind of a bingo/drinking game mashup, meaning you can play the game however you so choose. If you want to play postage stamp, upper right corner, fine. If you want to chug a little every time one of the following things happens, fine. All we know is that we're not over what happened in June, and if the Wings' effort against Pittsburgh sucks ass, we'll probably lose our damn minds. (Also, I have a healthy dose of trash talk on the line here, personally. And really, I just cannot psychologically handle a piss poor effort on our part against this team.)

Let's go, Wings.


  1. Genius. That is all. Genius.

  2. I have always pictured Cindy as a power bottom.
    Also, I'm going to drink everytime Pierre, Doc, or Mike either A) refer to Cindy as the second coming of Jesus Christ, or B) Cum in their pants because they can't handle his unique brand of awesomeness.(Gag) I will be listening to Ken and Paul.
    Let's take down Princess Cindy tomorrow. My hatred is boiling over and I'm about ready to have a stroke.

  3. Awesome. You're not gonna like this though Natalie: Homer will not play :(

  4. SNB suits him quite well. I usually just call Malkin a caveman because, well, he is.

  5. I think the "Cindy" calling is going to get me drunk before noon (California time)... by the way, did anyone else catch that RedWingsLIVE likes Cindy over Ovechkin? I practically choked to death on my own spit reading those comments last Friday in the chat.

  6. Amazing as usual. you're so good with the visual aids :)

  7. OMG. You are going to have me drunk before the end of the 1st period... That is like the most awesome game piece, EVER.

    It sounds like Homer is iffy for the game, so if he's out, I may be drunk already. I can't believe that Eddie O. (not that I care what he thinks) actually had something GOOD to say about the Wings before the game. I hope that Cindy is looking over his shoulder EVERY second of his ice time, afraid of what Z might do to him. I'm earnestly hoping that NBC gets a raging case of blue-balls when the Wings win tomorrow. After all, they've had a giant boner for Pittsburgh since last week's game vs. Philly.

    Ugh, god, I hate Pittsburgh.

  8. Call me naive, delusional, or just plain stupid but I am looking for a big game today even though I am devastated that Homer's caboose won't be parked in front of "The Flower" (aka Mr. Ed although that's really not a nice thing to do to Mr. Ed's memory). Let's hope Cleary and Miller can enrage Pepe Le Pew (you know, that's really not fair to Pepe either) in his continued absence. A Kronwalled event would also be appreciated.

    Oh, and can I say that I also find Tyler Kennedy's nostrils to be an affront against humanity? You could go spelunking in there. It's times like these I am glad I don't have HD.

  9. Wings 9-0, Z, TPH with hat tricks (so does that mean 2 orders of free fries?), Kronner, Stewie, and Big Rig the rest.
    First thought when I woke up this morning? Special needs bear. HA!!! Kronwalled at the blueline.
    Let's do this bitches.

  10. I just took another look at this, and can I just say that if anybody out there is actually going to play bingo, I'm going to guess that diagonally from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner is your best bet. I can't see how those four things won't occur at some point today.

    Also, this made me laugh for a half hour straight last night, and again this morning (still chuckling):

    "I have always pictured Cindy as a power bottom."

    Finally, I'm glad someone else is as offended by Kennedy's Pumbaa-esque nostrils as I am. You know, sometimes Sid's look a little weird, too; maybe it's just a result of a kinky sex-type thing, but it's still odd. Comes across to innocent bystanders like us that maybe having elongated nostrils is a prerequisite for playing in Iron City.

  11. I wonder if Judd Nelson frequents Shittsburgh?

  12. It's the lips on Cindy. They just don't belong on a manboy.

  13. >>Krononymous said...It's the lips on Cindy. They just don't belong on a manboy.<<

    You're forgetting what can only loosely be referred to as a "beard"

  14. One can't really forget the facial pubes. I now feel the urge to brush, rinse, and repeat!

    Can I take a brief moment to apologize for my pre-game thoughts? I didn't realize that the "big game" would apply to Jimmy only and that the Kronwall event would - well, I won't even say it.

  15. Beanie and Krononymous, don't forget Crosby's bangin' lipstick he always wears. MEOW!

    At least from all reports, it sounds as if nothing's wrong with Kronwall and he'll be fine for tomorrow's game. Also, Homer should be back (fingers crossed). You know a season really sucks when I type "fingers crossed" at least once per day regarding various crucial things...

  16. When Kronner went down, I had a heartattack and several mini-strokes. Woke up this morning on the floor in a puddle of drool.
    He and Stewie are starting to get their togetherness mojo back.

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