29 January 2010

Friday fun times and good stuff.

TSO's good pal saraneuie has graced our inbox with yet another example of her fantabulous photo-taking skills. This really needs no introduction, except I feel the need to tell Krononymous and Dena to take a seat if they haven't already. It's Sara's compilation of moments from Kronwall's first game back:

(If you click on the image, it will get bigger. [That's what she said.] No, but seriously, you can have a full-screen version of Kronner. Wait. Is that the sound of screensavers being updated all across the interwebs?)

Tonight, the Wings take on the Nashville Predators in Detroit. My apologies to the number of you who expressed your love for the Jordin(?!) Tootoo whistle at the Sommet Center. Maybe this will help to ease the pain:

Really, we started "dance dance assholes" on here as a lighthearted way to anticipate upcoming games; now it's simply a sweet distraction from the pain of everyday existence: Nashville is currently in 7th place in the Conference, with 61 points to our 59. It's imperative that the Wings wrap up a win in regulation. Not only will it help us in the standings, but it'll also set a good tone for the weekend, heading into a tough game in hell at Mellon Arena on Sunday. (Can we get a head count of how many people are excited to see Mike Milbury again? Anybody? Oh, come on, don't be shy.)

And since it's Friday, we're giving them out like candy. Here's another funny:

Let's go, Wings.


  1. I am now out of towels, will have to do a load of laundry. Thanx, though, Jesus tapdancing Christ. This cougars' just looking for a cub... (I'm looking at you Kaner, you and your HOT white, hairless, out of shape body, oh yeah).
    And yes, Kronwalled has been officially retired as my background. Thank you, saraneuie.
    As an aside, why isn't Dueling Banjoes playing in the background in both of those videos, because it was in my head.
    As to the second video, she's pretty, shes allowed to be silly! (insert eye roll here)

  2. Oh, Kronwalled stays as the background on lap top but me thinks the new iMac is getting an update! Can I say that you guys are totally freaking me out here - in a good way of course.

  3. Oh my cousin Sara has always such wonderful goodies. Did she explain that the reason he was smiling was because he saw our Swedish signs saying "Long Live Nik Jr" & he totally dug them? Like, smiled right at us & gave us the thumbs up and nodded? Seriously best thing that's happened to us at a hockey game EVER. I hate that her camera has better focusing skills than mine, but alas, I get to be the first beneficiary of her skills most nights, so...way to go on the wallpaper! All I can say is we will make a valiant effort to get you some quality pics during Homer's triumphant return home to The Joe when we take on the Sharks in a few weeks.

  4. nurse nitz and saraneuie, I SO hate you right now...

  5. Hey, I totally understand. If I had read that, I'd probably hate me too right now. Actually, I know I would. My love for Kronwall & the Kronworld is completely and utterly irrational. We've made signs for returning players all season long (when we can get to games) and besides a couple of smirks skating by & a puck hitting the glass right in front of us by Dan Cleary, this is the first acknowledgement we've gotten from the players at our hard work.

  6. Nice. Just let me know the next time you're going. I should be able to translate some more fun phrases

  7. Sara and Nurse Nitz, you ladies are the best. Thank you so much for offering to share your awesome photos to be taken of Homer. I can't wait! The Kronwall photos were fantastic, and it's even more kickass that you guys had a sign (sponsored by Andy and his awesome translations) and that Kronwall took notice! That had to be such an amazing moment for you. I love being a teeny tiny part of this huge, awesome Red Wings community, for serious.

    Dena, I guess dueling banjos is reserved for where I live? Ha!

  8. Hey Andy,
    How about " I want to have your baby" in Swedish.

  9. Nurse Nitz, your love of Kronwall and the Kronworld is not irrational. He is completely and utterly charming, especially when he uses that considerable backside to charm someone right into oblivion. I am not even jealous, much.

  10. Dena: "Jag vill ha barn med deg" = I want to have kids with you.
    "Jag vill bli mor till dina barn" = I wanna be the mother of your children.
    I want to have your baby doesn't work in Swedish

  11. What a low-wattage bulb of an ice girl.

  12. Glad you all like the pictures :) And I'm totally taking you up on the offer for more translations, Andy- especially for when Homer returns!