18 January 2010

Miscellaneous hockey-related funnies, shamelessly borrowed from Deadspin.

Catching up on my Google Reader reading during lunch, and I thought of you guys when I came across the following two things on Deadspin:

The first is a nice ditty from way up in Alaska, which will forever be known in my book as the state producing the weirdest people ever. (Yeah, we all know Sarah Palin is nutty. But they've also produced Ted "The-Internet-Is-a-Series-of-Tubes-and-Oh-Yeah-I'm-a-Convict-Too" Stevens and Mike Gravel, star of the most kickass campaign ad spot ever.) Anyway, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks have a new video featuring their polar bear kicking ass, including a Top Gun-esque air assault on the houses of their foes. Fun times for all. I wonder if this bear took pilot lessons after seeing Putin fly over its home. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Without further adieu:

Also courtesy of Deadspin, we learned that the skanks from Jersey Shore graced the crowd at the Ducks @ Kings game last week. I know Rob over at The Production Line will wig out over this. Wait, shouldn't they have been at a Devils game? Well, at least now you know how Santa fulfilled my Christmas wish of sending crabs to the Ducks' locker room...


  1. The Alaska Nanooks are giving Avatar a run for its money... best and completely nonsequitor ad I've ever seen.

    "Hockeywood"?! Eck.

  2. Yeah, "Hockeywood" made me think of "morningwood", and not the band. And then I thought of the Jersey girls giving the Ducks crabs, and I giggled. A lot.

  3. It hurts my heart that you aren't in love with the jersey shore as much as I am.