21 January 2010

Wings try to lose, still win 4-3.

If you have some sort of heart condition, this team will probably have you dead before the playoffs. I hate to be the one to break that to you.

Let us start with the good:

The Wings tried for THIRTY WHOLE MINUTES!!!!! Seriously!!!!

Jimmy made some game-saving saves.

Todd Bertuzzi didn't take a dumb penalty.

A win is a win, I guess, right? Right? Why do I not feel good about tonight's game? Oh, right, because the Wings, while dominating the first period, were only ahead 1-0. Todd Bertuzzi could've had a hat trick; instead, that goon can't even get breakaway shots off. What a dolt.

Anyway, here are some of TSO's thoughts on tonight's game:

1. Again, good game by Jimmy. Not an "I'm Jimmy Howard and I'm going to own this game like it was a cock" (TSO=big Kevin Smith fan) type game, but good. He made many key saves and was huge in the shootout.

2. Natalie's take on Ville in the shootout: "He made me shit my pants. Runny." Her words, not mine.

3. There needs to be some kind of consequence for Babcock placing Dan Cleary in shootouts. Maybe I agree to TP his house anytime he pulls that shit. It should never happen. Ever. If he is the last guy.....maybe you put him in. Or maybe you let a backup goalie have a shot. I'm just saying.

4. Bert, seriously, what the hell? TSO is in the Pro-Tuzzi camp, but after the first period, though he scored a goal, I was VERY in the Con-Tuzzi camp.

5. Seriously, though, do you think Pavel Datsyuk loves or hates playing with Bert? They have chemistry, but do you think Datsyuk has started drinking harder because despite his best setup effort, Bert can't quite seem to bury much? Good lord.

6. Actual comment made by me during the game (after the third Detroit goal the PA played the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again") - "Why are they playing that? They don't need to worry about it. Backstrom won't get fooled again. The Wings will take their foot off the gas and not do anything else offensively." I didn't quite think they'd collapse like that though.

7. Seriously, this inability to finish is maddening. This would never happen if Franzen were still alive.

8. Darren Helm doesn't really ever have bad games, does he? Man-crush on Helm is intensifying by the day. Why isn't HE in the shootout?

TSO needs to go check out the next-to-last evening Tonight Show antics (and probably fall asleep after 30 seconds). A win is a win, right?


  1. I'll leave the first comment on my own post, because i'm too lazy to edit....I thought Bert played a great game tonight. I didn't want to seem too hard on him. Great game, tons of chances....but finish sir. That's all.

  2. I may need to be on blood pressure medication by the end of the season. Or simply take up alcohol. It seems that Larry Murphy has done so, so why not the rest of us?? Seriously Murph, calling the start of the 3rd pd, the start of the Power Play?? On the other hand, I continue to love you for your comments on Dollar Hot Dog Night & curly fries.

    Ville Leino & Danny Cleary are just both so FAIL in the shootout. Why the hell do they not put in Fil until the 7th round? I realize the guy does need to shoot more, but he's got much better hands than Cleary. Until they allow you to take rebounds on your shot, Clear Bear, you're out.

    On the other hand, I think Bert is learning to be a bit too fancy with some of his plays. As I said on Kris's comments on SnipeDangle, you are not Pavel Datsyuk. You're supposed to bury his passes. Shoot the puck. That dangling he tried to do on that 2nd breakaway just about killed me. But overall, he seems like he continues to play with confidence, he didn't get a stupid penalty in this one, and I think he's really fighting for that new contract. Hard to believe from the beginning of the year that he's now got more goals than both Pasha & Hank...

    As for Miller, Helm & Eaves. Can't say enough good things about them. They continue to shine & better be Wings for a long time. With guys like Drapes, Malts, and Homer (tear) getting toward the end of their career, if we sign these guys, I will have a lot of hope for the future of our team. The hard work they put out with every shift is simply inspiring.

    Darn it Buffalo for allowing LA to get at least point (and possibly more, as the 3rd pd just ended). The way I scoreboard watch anymore, I really should be treated for OCD...

  3. Poor Pavel must be so frustrated at times. :(

    And this Wings season reminds me more and more of a single long Fernando Rodneycoaster save attempt. Which terrifies me more than I can describe in words.

  4. Oh, shit, the Sabres had to lose, and now we're out again and...

    ...wait a minute. Out of nowhere, Calgary loses to Chicago and we have the same points with a game in hand. Why wasn't I paying attention to Calgary?

    How sad it is that I celebrate a night in the 8th spot?

  5. And here I was thinking that Babs was using some kind of devious "stragety" in the SO by holding Fil off until the Wings had to pot one. Of course, I would have preferred that they won it on three shots but it just ain't that kind of season.

    I've got enough love for Bert for the rest of you. Sure, he could have had like three or four goals last night but I am beginning to think you're just looking for reasons to hate on him. (-;

  6. @ Baroque: Lol at the Rodney analogy.

    Leino's shootout attempt was a classic example of trying to do too much. Horrible, just horrible.

  7. I just want to clarify that Natalie is NOT CON-tuzzi. That's reserved for Brian, apparently. I just made a trade proposal on TPL (and the email notification Brian gets when I post this new comment will be the first he's heard of it) to swap out the Bert haters and let them have their own little bitchfest. They'll be roasting Bert, while we'll be celebrating everything that is grand and marvelous and beautiful (mwaha) about the man.

    Ville Leino's shootout attempt? Let's see, I used this analogy the other day about watching him attempt to forecheck, but I'll go ahead and throw it out there again: It was like watching a dude with whiskey dick try to get it up. Not cool. The only person I've seen suck that much at a shootout is Tomas Kopecky. He appeared in one about a month ago against Colorado, and he didn't even get a shot off. Anderson just poke checked it away, with no effort to Kopecky to fake him out or anything. So horrible. Brian suggested in an email to me that Holland/Babcock should propose trading Ville in exchange for some Chili's coupons to be distributed amongst the team and fans. I'd support it.

  8. I have not been able to watch the game yet, but I did listen to it at work. I will say this, I fall deeper in love with Todd Bertuzzi every game he plays. His last stint with Detroit, not so much. He appeared to not give a fuck. Now, he looks like he loves to play hockey again and he is having an incredibly good time. Isn't that the point? Sure he is having trouble finishing, but god do I love to watch him. Also, I think the other guys on the team like him too, especially Pavs and Hank.
    Ville Leino 4th in the shootout, really? All I know is that I want to see Bert, Eaves, and Miller with lengthy contract extensions, soon. It just makes me grin ear to ear that a SPARTAN won the game last night. GO GREEN! And two Spartans on the Wings long term, I am swooning in ecstasy.

  9. When the Wings gave up the two quick goals mid-3rd period I almost had a coronary right there. Then I looked around for something to throw at the TV. Not finding anything, I just stood there steaming. There lack of ability/will to play all 60 minutes has been an ongoing issue for more then 2 seasons now. This year it's finally biting them in the butt. They had the Wild right where they wanted them, and then let them up for air. Grrrr. A two goal lead is a sucker hole. It's almost like being tied. Gotta go for the kill and get the three goal lead.

    Anyway, this sets up a really important game Saturday night with playoff implications. When's the last time a late January game against the Kings had playoff implications? Hopefully the Wings stand on the gas against the Kings and don't let off. It should be a great game.