05 January 2010

A Lesson in Swedegian from Our Favorite Norwegian Blogger

Andy over at the fantastic Fight Night at the Joe has uploaded the single greatest thing ever recorded in the history of mankind. Seriously, once the world ends, and the next dominant life form emerges in, say, 6.7 billion years, along with the Great Pyramids, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, and Twitter, archaeologists and anthropologists will be studying this very sound clip to figure out what made us homo sapiens tick.

It began as a bit of banter between us, and before long, Andy became TSO's go-to guy for all things European. If he keeps up being this reliable, we may have to consult him for all our major life decisions, including, but not limited to, filling out our tax returns, contemplating a career change, and deciphering the meanings in our tea leaves.

Without further adieu, please click here now to be forever transformed from a world of ignorance into a world of knowledge.


  1. In Norway your work place, bank etc submits all the details to the state, you get an already finished tax return form and then just edit if something is wrong, so there I cannot help. On the other hand your tea-leaves says that someone called Perry is gonna get humiliated tonight

  2. Hey, If Andy's doing taxes, I so need to get my name on that list. Being self employed SUCKS HARD at tax time!

    Shoot, just read his comment. Now I may have to consider moving to Norway, if that's the way the tax system works...

  3. I think Swedegian is my new favorite word.

  4. I read through mine last year, checked my wage-summaries out and then did nothing. That's what you do if everything's right. My dad had to change the value of a few shares in a building, but that was it and he did it in two minutes online.

  5. Sweet. The tax thing was kind of a pass; my taxes are ridiculously easy to fill out, mostly because I'm poor. I do it online because I'm a cheapskate and paying anybody to do my lame taxes is a ripoff. And if the IRS wants to come get me, they're not going to walk away with much. Mwahaha.

    Swedegian is a win, yes? I thought it was cute, especially because Andy said a couple of the names in both Swedish and Norwegian accents, so it can be his/our equivalent of Homer's Swenglish.