04 January 2010

Odds & Ends

This holiday season, beginning with our epic trip to Detroit, now feels like I've experienced the biggest, longest, most uncut (?) hangover of my entire life. I feel like I haven't been caught up on reading--or writing, for that matter--in light years, and just the "hockey" category of my Google Reader feeds has been sitting at 1000+ unread items for a dangerously uncomfortable period of time.

Despite my absence from reality and despite the fact that anybody still reading this blog has probably already heard of--and is actually more aware of--the following two items, we wanted to write a little bit about each because they are totally and completely kickass, and they deserve as much praise and attention as possible.

1. Herm to Hockeytown. The Chief and the 19 at Abel to Yzerman have created this amazing, larger-than-life apparatus, which has not only raised enough money to get


  1. See... I can't let my Reader get like that. It gives me agita. That's why I was reading them via Blackberry while everyone else was opening presents.

    One day, somewhere around Christmas, the total was somewhere in the 600-range and I almost had an aneurysm.

  2. I HATE it. I'm far too neurotic and weird to be ok with it, hence the "dangerously uncomfortable". If only everyone knew how dangerous it is...

    That's what living in an area without high-speed internet at home will do for you when you take a shitload of vacation time around the holidays. Sigh.

  3. everyday at work i'm checking reader on my blackberry. It stresses me out when shit is out of control.

    The scrappy octopus IS epic