12 January 2010

Wings @ Islanders tonight, new TOV, plus a special Homer ode redux.

Subtitle: In which I go overboard with my love of hypertext.

Ah, the New York Islanders. Tonight, the Wings travel to Long Island for the teams' only meet-up during this regular season. Why, do you ask, should we care about this game? I'm glad you asked.

Reasons to Consider Caring About This Game:

1. We want our team to continue its win streak.

2. We want Jimmy (who's starting--again) to continue his hot streak.

3. We want the recent scorers (Datsyuk, Helm, Cleary, Eaves) to continue to showcase their offensive prowess on the ice. As Brian observed in his recap of Saturday's game against the Sharks, this was the first time in a long time--possibly the entire season, or at least it feels that way--that the offensive powers on the team actually felt like a cohesive, offensive powerhouse. More, please.


Also, per that same article by Khan, Jonathan Ericsson hopes to return Thursday against the Hurricanes. Fingers crossed for the next 48 +/- hours...


And for any of you concerned out there about the prevention of animal cruelty, you're in luck for tonight:

The thing is, I get that it's a spoof of that fantabulous Big & Rich song, of which I am quite fond of playing/singing at redneck bars (oh, aren't you excited to hang out with me at Herm to Hockeytown?), but since when is Long Island synonymous with cowpokes? Am I missing something?


If you haven't yet, check out Episode 5 of The Obstructed View, featuring Matt from On the Wings, Michael from The Production Line, and The Chief from Abel to Yzerman. I can't wait to listen to this tonight. By all accounts, it is a fabulous episode, as always.


Yesterday, after our get-well card to Homer made the rounds, we got an email from a fabulous TSO reader named Sara, who shared with us two of her favorite Homer photos she'd taken earlier this season. She's allowing me to publish them on here for all of you to enjoy:

It's kind of a story of the Homer experience in yin and yang: the first one captures his goofiness; the second, his badass-ish-ness. Thanks for sharing, Sara!


  1. Pictures are non op. Looks like you linked from a gmail attachment, that is a no-no. You may see them since you're logged into your account and they cached, the rest of us see little broken images.

  2. ...or, maybe they're both just a figment of my imagination, and you're just not privy to it?

    Shit! Thank you so much for pointing this out. Further proof that at least 85% of the people in the world are more tech-savvy than I. Let's see if I can get this up and running.

  3. Ha! When the pictures wouldn't work for me, I thought there was something wrong with my Internet! I guess I'll know to complain next time!

  4. This is why I opted for e-mail... although I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my less than tech-savvy-ness. And since being at the Joe tends to make me act more like I'm 14 than the 24 year-old I am, I have a TON of pictures from warm-ups and whatnot. Should you ever need any (like Fil's return, Abdelkader trying desperately to look like a big kid- he looks about 16 most of the time, or some really great shots of Nick's bald spot) I'm your girl :)

  5. Jenn, I encourage you to complain if something is broken. I probably don't realize it, even though I should expect my ineptitude at some things.

    Sara, you are the best ever. Thanks again for letting us post those. We'll be happy to put up pictures any time, for any reason.