23 January 2010

An Update on #96.

Per Khan, for sure:
Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Holmstrom said this morning that he is hoping to return to the lineup Jan. 29 or 31, which seems overly optimistic considering he has taken only a few light spins on the ice and hasn't felt good.

"I've been skating three times this week, nothing really serious,'' Holmstrom said. "I didn't feel that good, couldn't really push away. I don't want to push away either because it could get worse.''
Gotta love how anxious he is to return to the lineup; I just hope we get Homer back at 100%, so if that means we don't get to see him for a few additional weeks, I'll take it. We need Homer at his best, and we don't want to risk further injury to him.

Khan also points out that today is Homer's birthday. Oh, don't we here at TSO know it. (For sure.) I had this card all ready to go, but I had to redo it because I didn't think it was quite festive enough; it still had a pallor of sadness to it, and since we got the good news from Khan today, our smiles are just a little bit wider.

Also, per Khan, we learned of the following attempted hijinks:
He said he was watching his back, making sure Kris Draper didn't strike with a towel full of shaving cream.

"I've gotten him enough times already,'' Draper. "He's too easy a target because he can't move real good.''
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOMER!! (For sure, I know you're an avid reader of your #1 fan.)


  1. Homer is so hilarious how anxious he is to get back. He could have an arm attached only by duct tape and still figure he's okay to play.

    Fortunately the coaches have no trouble holding him back until he's healthy no matter how cranky he gets. He's a good egg.

  2. I like the card (and the post), but...uh...is that chicken pox?

  3. It's Absolut tonight for sure (just as it was on the 12th in Kronner's honor)! Now where did I put that bag of Swedish fish....

  4. PS: I just found out it's also Rutger Hauer's birthday as well. That's pretty bad ass.

  5. Love the card. I was so excited when I read Homer had started skating again that it inspired me to cough up the money for tickets to his birthday game. If I'm at his first game back, you can expect to get my best Homer pictures from his glorious return :)