08 January 2010

Holy shit, Jimmy Howard.

What else do you expect me to write when the Wings get outshot 52-24 and still win 2-1? Making 51 saves during a not-so-hot performance by the Wings' defense and offense, Jimmy should have earned his second career shutout tonight.

The only other thing to add: Holy shit, Darren Helm and his game-winning goal, scored with 18.2 seconds left in the third period following the Kings' tying goal on a power play. Wow.

Hey, at least we were the beneficiaries of one of these ridiculously lopsided games.

That's all I'm writing tonight. I don't have the courage to discuss Homer...yet. Let's just say there were tears tonight, and I'm not ready to go into detail.


  1. wow is the only word here. That game was amazing. I don't think I've been that close tpo haveing 5 heart attacks in just an hour.

    Players not on my shit list for last night:
    Jimmah, Cleary, Helm, Z, Abbie, Eaves, Draper, Stuart, Nick, Rafa. The rest are on it because they were weak. Bert tops it for his retarded penalty

  2. When I heard about broken Homer I knew you would be sad.

  3. The Wings yesterday played a typical Habs game: get outshot very badly but still manage to squeeze out a win. I'm glad they won, but it's not really convincing. Oh, and Homer injured? It must be Gary Buttman's fault ;) (no tin foil hat Wings fan)

    By the way, great blog. Well written and funny. Keep it up!

  4. Andy, that game WAS heart-stopping, for sure. I thought I was going to die when the Kings scored on the PP.

    Baroque, thanks for thinking of me. My heart is still weeping.

    Patleb940, thanks for the compliment and for reading! Actually, I'm pretty sure I heard that Gary Bettman directed an errant puck during Wednesday's practice to Homer's foot...with his MIND.

  5. While the jackass managing the shot clock was clearly off by a large margin, I am fine with that. Shot counts don't win a game, but you know what they do do? Make Jimmy's Save% go up. We should thank them for skewing it.