29 October 2009

Wings @ Oilers tonight.

Tonight, the Wings meet up with Edmonton for the first time this season.

There's all kinds of talk about the fear of catching swine flu, specifically because the Wings are playing Edmonton, which apparently is a heeby-jeeby H1N1 hotbed. Ick...

Worth noting are solid pregame summaries via Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle and On the Wings. The always-entertaining The Triple Deke and Nightmare on Helm Street have some funnies to rock your socks, including, respectfully, a Don Cherry-inspired Oilers blog and a nice Kronwall-ed joke. Highly recommended.

Me? I kinda got nothing today. I'm gearing down for the game tonight, but today is one of those days when work is turning my brain into goo. Is it feasible to quit and become a professional fan?

I did want to point out that Pavel Datsyuk had put out several awesome quotes into the universe over the course of this week, the first before the Vancouver game on Tuesday, re: Mikael Samuelsson (per George Malik):
I see he's playing well, but now he's no friend of mine.
And today, regarding his improved performance and going forward (also per George Malik, per the Detroit Free Press):
“I’m a shooter now, shooter,” Datsyuk said. “I’m happy to shoot. I need more shoot. I’m looking forward to shoot. Sometimes I shoot, sometimes I forget I need to shoot -- maybe I make it tattoo.”
Thatta boy, Pasha. Love this guy. You need more shoot? Here you go:


I have a good feeling about the game tonight; I've been experiencing all kinds of auspicious signs. Well, ok, TWO auspicious signs, but whatevs:

1. There's a guy at my place of employment right at this very moment who sounds just like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I kid you not. And we KNOW that guy had excellent taste. Fuuuuck yeah:

2. I head heard (heh, heh) Ted Nugent on the radio today. "Cat Scratch Fever". Yeah. That happened. Why does it matter? Incidentally, he's from Michigan, AND I have permanent dibs on him, two very good reasons why this counts as a positive sign.



And now, to get us really, really psyched, it's time for the old standby:


All right, Michigan inhabitants, I'm going to post something at the end of all my posts directing you to another post in which I beseech you for your opinion on a hotel The Scrappy Octopi are considering for our December jaunt to Detroit. Just a quick yes or no on whether the place in question is sketchy. I will do this on every post; I have no pride...or shame.

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