23 October 2009

B.S. -- Part 2

Actually, I did feel like writing a little bit more:

It is so fucking frustrating to watch the Wings dominate the play throughout the first part of the game, only to lose the game in the end. Play throughout the game was solid and consistent; Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Filppula, Osgood, Leino--they all had great nights. Hell, even Brett Lebda scored a goal.

But toward the middle of the third period, when they were up only by a goal, the Wings switched from maintaining a strong offensive presence to facing down the Coyotes in their own zone and struggling to clear the puck; it would have been great if there had been a cushion separating the two teams. With each rush, the Coyotes inched closer and closer to having a solid scoring chance, and the Wings struggled to barely get it out of their zone, until finally, the bullshit goal resulting from a pileup on Chris Osgood happened.

And THAT'S frustrating.

I write this because I don't want to blame the entire thing on the bullshit that I believe should have been considered goaltender interference. Rather, just like losing in OT in general--it sucks ass, without a doubt, but you shouldn't have put yourself there in the first place.

So, that's why I'm so pissed off right now.

As a postscript, I don't even want to talk about the GWG in OT. Yeah, it totally and completely sucked ass, but that's like saying the sky is blue.

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