07 October 2009

Screw You, Tomas Kopecky.

Chris McCosky of The Detroit News had this scoop today:
There are two former Wings on the Blackhawks roster but only one will play Thursday. Marian Hossa is still out after surgery on his shoulder, but Tomas Kopecky will play and he's obviously looking forward to it.
"It'll be fun, and more fun when we beat them," Kopecky told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday.
Whoa there, Tomas. Are you taunting your former mates?
"I just meant I would like to beat them, it's not that I guarantee anything," he said. "I'm not pulling back. I'd love to beat those guys."
So, wait a second.  The guy who's Marian Hossa's worse half and who I'm still not 100% certain even fucking played on the Wings' roster last year is calling out the team that beat his current team in the Western Conference Finals last year?

Sure, it'll be more fun when you beat us because until you do such a thing--and actually contribute to it, which means you'd better hand Hossa back his cloak of invisibility--you look like yet another overpaid product on whom Dale Tallon & Company made it rain benjamins, in an effort to convince people that this team actually has what it takes to go all the way.

"I'm not pulling back."  On second thought, this IS awfully frightening.  I worry that he's going to unleash the hidden fury on us tomorrow, scoring all 19 of the points that he took an entire fucking season to score last year in ONE GAME, thereby single-handedly destroying the Wings' will to achieve and Hockeytown's residents' will to live on.

Get fucking real.

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  1. Hopefully he's not pulling back OR out. Pulling out is ineffective and rude.