06 October 2009

Oh, hell no.

I saw this garbage on NHL Snipers. AskMen.com has ranked Sidney Crosby the 34th most influential man in the world. Yes, in the entire world.

As much as I can't stand him, you won't hear any argument from me that Crosby is perhaps the most influential active player in the NHL. He's the undisputed face of the league. He's the anointed one. He's the guy everybody has an opinion on, love him or hate him. The mere mention of his name in hockey circles encites adoring raves or vile rants, depending on the audience.

But you mean throughout the entire world, filled with policymakers, philosophers, movers and shakers, and just important people in general, that Sid the Kid is the 34th most influential?

Give me a fucking break.


  1. Please, how could he not be HIGHER on the list? those beestung lips, that crybaby persona.....he's influencing my erection as we speak.