19 October 2009

Avs beat Wings in shootout, 4-3.

Eh. I have mixed feelings about this game. Obviously, it sucks that the Wings lost, and it further blows ass that it was a loss to the Avalanche. That being said, I thought the way the Wings played during the majority of the game was faster, more industrious, and more consistent that any other game thus far this season.

The goals given up to the Avalanche sucked; the first was due to a bad defensive breakdown. The second was junk given up by Ozzie. The third was getting caught in a bad change, something that hasn't happened so glaringly since last year's playoffs.

I'm not happy about the circumstances under which the Avs were able to score, but on the other hand, the Wings clearly dominated the majority of the game, something that hasn't happened yet this season.

They just did that thing that makes me want to light myself on fire: They took their foot off the gas at the wrong times, against the wrong team, eager to take advantage of chinks in the armor. Grr.

On a happier note, I did enjoy Justin Abdelkader's goal; it was his first NHL regular-season goal. Sure, it might not have been a "pretty" goal, but you gotta love those gritty, chipping-away-at-the-net goals that somehow make their way to the back of the net. You also have to love Abdelkader for being in the right place at the right time and finding himself some great scoring chances; I'm excited to see more of this guy now that everyone ever has injuries.

Oh, actually, there is something else that's weighing on my mind. Can somebody explain to me why Dr. Rahmani replaced Pavel Datsyuk as his/her spokesperson with Tila Tequila? I demand a reinstatement.

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  1. What I liked about this game was the early parts where for a brief bit we actually looked like the Red Wings. Its gonna be ok....