26 October 2009

Help! I need advice.

OK, first things first: I'm watching the Toronto @ Anaheim game on PTDucks, and I swear to Christ, the announcer just said, "Uh-oh, look out, cookout" during a Toronto breakaway.

The fuck?

Oh, can we also talk about the cast of Cold Case dropping the puck at the beginning of the game? Goddamnit, I hate the Ducks.


OK, for those of you who have so graciously refraining from X-ing out of this window due to obscene levels of bullshit, THANK YOU--and now I have a question that I invite any and all Motown denizens to answer.

We, the Scrappy Octopi(?), are headed to the Motor City in December to celebrate early the birthday of yours truly by attending two games at the Joe, and we need suggestions for a decent hotel. When we stayed in February, we stayed in Roseville; however, this time, we'd prefer to stay someplace either in or closer to the city proper.

I read some good things on Yelp about the Milner Hotel in downtown and found a reasonable deal online for our extended stay, but I wanted to get some honest opinions first before making a decision.

Here is a brief list of my requirements for a good hotel:

(A) I don't want to get stabbed.

(B) I don't want to get crotchrot. (I like having to work for my crotchrot.)

(C) I would, preferably, enjoy being close to stuff, as I/we plan on getting wasted during/after Wings games and wouldn't want to drive 20+ miles like we did during our last stay.

So, Detroiters, please weigh in with your honest opinions; any suggestions for someplace else are welcome, as well. Thanks a million in advance.

(You'll note that getting bicycles thrown at me is omitted from the aforesaid list. I do not mind if this happens to me again.)


  1. I prefer to not stay in a hotel, just camp out IN the Zamboni. They're surprisingly warm.

  2. Great idea. Maybe, if a little papoose is conceived there, it can be named Zamboni, in honor not only of the place of conception, but also for our favorite almost-VP.

    I'm actually hoping that Aaron Downey (who will be in attendance because the producers will make that happen) will invite us to camp out at his potato farm. And then we can have a dance-off.


  4. Aaron Downey makes my heart soar.

    (I had this really awesome comment prepared, in which I embed a video of Aaron Downey dancing with the caption "the one that got away", but I can't get it to work on here and now I'm pouting.)

  5. it'd be even better if he danced TO the one that got away by natasha beddingfield

  6. Natasha Bedingfield makes my ovaries hurt. But agreed, the appropriateness of the song choice would be entertaining.

    I need to make an Aaron Downey tribute asap on here.

  7. There is a Marriott in the Renaissance Center (although it might be a bit pricey) but at least it's within walking distance to The Joe and to Greektown. Plus, it's really nice (so no crotchrot).

  8. I would LOVE to stay at the Marriott; however, the best deal I found online is $199/night. What do you think of the Milner?

  9. I don't have any personal experience with Detroit hotels but I asked my dad who works in the city and got this in response:

    The Marriott downtown is nice. All the casinos have rooms and shuttles. There's also the Westin. Don't know how much though.The Milner is right downtown too. The people mover goes from there to Joe Louis and Greektown

  10. Awesome. Thanks for the input. The Milner is really what we are considering, but I want someone to tell me whether it's decent or sketchy. I've read mixed reviews online.