15 October 2009

Wings beat Kings, 5-2.


--The biggest news by far is that Nicklas Lidstrom scored his 1,000th career point tonight, becoming the second Swede and first Swedish defenseman to do so. He scored two assists tonight, one on a goal by Tomas Holmstrom, the other on a goal by Henrik Zetterberg. Speaking of which...

--Zetterberg scored a goal and an assist tonight.

--Ozzie did a great job. There really wasn't much he could do on the two Kings' goals. He prevented a couple of nice scoring chances the Kings had, especially toward the beginning of the first period.

--I thought the Wings really brought their A-game for most of the third period; it finally felt like we were watching real Wings' hockey, with the exception of the penalties, but hey, the PK was pretty solid.

--I can't believe Tomas Holmstrom is leading the team in goals. He's the biggest boss that I've seen thus far. (Yeah. I went there. You liked it, too.)

--That move by Todd Bertuzzi that set up Kirk Maltby's goal was just awesome. Kirk Maltby has two goals so far this season. I'm just saying.

--Was it just me, or did Brian Rafalski look like he was ready to cry when the refs called a penalty on him? Regardless, he scored his first goal of the season with an empty netter at the end of the game. His expression after the penalty call was still funny as hell, though.

--To me, Davis Drewiske = Davis Drewski = guy whose unfortunate surname sounds like a nickname a fratdouche would coin for himself.

--Watching FSD via Center Ice really, really, really makes me crave Tim Hortons. Midwesterners and Canadians don't know how good they have it. The closest Tim Hortons to here is 3+ hours away. Boo. No matter what Southerners tell you, Tim Hortons is always > Krispy Kreme.

--I do not, under any circumstances, approve of the organist at the Joe playing the theme from The Addams Family. Unless we acquire a player by the name of Adams/Addams. Or, as Brian put it, unless we acquire a player who's just a hand.


  1. hand goalie has no eyes; he cant be screened!

    great win tonight. For seriously like.....10 minutes total in this game, we dominated. Flashes of greatness, and I guess maybe thats all you need early in the season. They're putting this together.

    Canadians and Midwesterners, seriously, go to your nearest Tim Hortons and just, you know, thank the folks there for existing. You have no idea how good you have it.....

  2. OMG if they get a player with JUST A HAND I will fucking move to Detroit. Swear on it.

  3. I would give 35 years off my life to have some Tim Hortons RIGHT NOW.

    I think the hand player could work out really well, although commentators would have to be careful about writing that he has nice "handS". Awkwaaaard...

  4. I know your pain with Tim Hortons. The other day I was talking about how much I was craving an Ice Capp, and the fools in my class had never even heard of it. I stock up on bags of their coffee everytime I go home.

  5. Yes!! People look at you as if you have three heads when you say Tim Hortons. The response is always, "Who is Tim Horton?" Ahhhh, if only they knew...

    Also, I swear, the chocolate Tim Bits have crack in them; that's what makes them so addictive.