23 October 2009


I am having the worst day of my life.

Today at work, a guy came in and the following transpired:

He asked me how many powers I've given away to the federal government. I don't remember signing over a power of attorney to Uncle Sam or anything, but I didn't want to piss him off, so I just said I didn't know.

Next, he proceeded to open his briefcase and hand me a pocket version of the U.S. Constitution. (Be honest, sickos--you were hoping I said pocket penis, weren't you?)

Then--I swear to god--he told me to go home and read it so I was better educated about the things my federal government could do to me.

Then he said, "The answer is seventeen. There are seventeen things the federal government has the power to do to you," but he wouldn't tell me what any of them were.

Before he peaced out, his parting words were, "The domain of the states is the only thing we have that's sacred. It's the only thing keeping us free and safe."

I just died.


The Wings take on the Avs again tomorrow night, and if they don't win, I am seriously considering parking myself in oncoming traffic.

You're welcome.


  1. PLEASE tell me the list had the 17 things on it.


  2. That type of person, where we live? not surprising. Gonads and strife make all things manageable, doesnt it?