03 December 2009

Wings shit the bed; lose 4-1

Well, tonights game was.....something. The same deal as usual; not enough effort, another injury, a goalie who played above his head; blah blah blah. Watching a Wings game should not make me want to drink heavily, but this did. A few points from the game:

1. You know how some games are really close, say 1-0, but the team that is ahead is completely dominating the flow, shots, and every single aspect of the game? We've all seen the Wings do that; close score, but the game never seems in doubt. Tonight was like that...

...except the exact opposite. Down 1-0, 2-0, it never really seemed like the Wings had a shot, did it?

2. Meech had two nice games in a row. Tonight, he remembered he was Derek Meech. It couldve been worse I guess. Good lord he got steamrolled several times.

3. -2, sure, but Kindl was pretty good, yes?

4. The second power play unit is still a huge shit show.

5. Its strange to say, with your goalie giving up four goals and all, but Jimmy played well tonight, yes? I like him approximately 200% more than I did a while ago when he could not grasp the concept of catching a puck/controlling a rebound. Sure, he could've stopped the second slow dribbler, but for the others, when Brett Lebda is slapping pucks at you and folks are shitting their pants, what else could he have done? Some nice saves tonight by Jimmy.

6. Actual quote by Babcock after the game, referencing Ericsson's injury: "I don't know what's going on, I don't have enough courage to go in and ask". Sort of sums up alot of things.

7. NOT good enough tonight.

8. Devils Saturday, Rangers Sunday. Pointess prediction - Sunday will be Marion Gaborik's annual "done for the year" injury. Just a hunch. Go Wings.


  1. Jakub Kindl: Look who's got something to say! (I've been waiting all season to be able to say this about somebody. And to make an ass of myself for quoting "Arrested Development" AGAIN.)

    Now that I've said that, I'm NOT talking about last night's game ever again.

    Love the hunch you have re: Gaborik. It's already December; is his presence on the ice just a mirage or is it actually reality?

  2. Considering the Wings were outshot 36-28 by the depleted Oilers, Howie did good stopping those 32 shots and kept the game close in the first. Nothing you can do on having your own team score three goals on you this season. That's the sad thing about being a goalie.

    What I noticed and can't understand is that the Wings are the ones who outshoot the opponent every night, while holding them to at least 20+ shots. This year it's been kind of the other way around. I never recall our goalies facing 30+ shots a night unless it's a playoff game or way back int the early 90s. (And I was born in '92)

    If anything Babs better shape up the lines soon cuz I don't want to be saying that Martin Brodeur will gets shutout #103 tomorrow night. Pav has got to get it going and Bert and Leino aren't helping him out. Reunite the Euro-twins!

    Sorry for the long comment. I'm Hoping to make my Wings' blog soon.

  3. Hey, Joseph, thanks for the comment. No worries on its length--you probably can tell we have no qualms about wordiness on this site.

    Goaltenders do have the misfortune of having their stats wrecked by what is often times their teammates' mistakes or just full-tilt incompetence. That game last night was a total shitshow. Datsyuk has had some great chances lately, but it just hasn't happened, for whatever reason. Honestly, I found pretty much everyone on the ice last night to be invisible. And you can't win games that way. It's just not going to happen.

    We look forward to checking out your new site; send us a link when it's up and running, and we'll stick it on the blogroll.

  4. God, I am such a tard sometimes. I just now read "Gaborik's limb flies off" under tags and am now laughing my ass off picturing his arm just spontaneously whizzing through the air.