11 December 2009

Eff. To. The. Yeah.

Didn't want to drop a hard F on the subject line, but since you're still reading, fuuuuuuuuuck, yeahhhhh, baby! Wings demolish Ducks in OT, got to see my real crush, Homer, score, and Voldemort came up big in OT. WOW. Best type of winning scenario for someone who hates the Ducks as much as we do. Getting our wild on times infinity. Probably the best night of my life. Period.


  1. So glad the Wings won it for you! You know, they'd better have a good game when a fan's coming all the way from West Virginia.
    Bertuzzi with 2 goals? Now, that wasn't what I expected but the OT goal was a beauty! And Leino actually looked good today, assisting Homer's first goal.
    Enjoy rest of your stay!

  2. I'm glad they won for you guys. I was kinda ready to blame everything on you after two periods :P

  3. I suppose I shouldn't say I'm glad you saw a Wings win but I'm at least glad you didn't see another shutout! I was watching that game same time as the Hawks and it looked pretty exciting.

    Just don't gloat too much over the Hawks losing the same night...weird, it's like Kane has bad karma in Buffalo for some mysterious reason...

  4. You guys are the best. Gander and Andy, we were totally stoked that night. You couldn't have told us a THING--the world could have ended, and I don't think we would have noticed.

    Also, K--what can I say? What goes around comes around...I'm sure the good folks in Buffalo had enough fun ragging on the 'Hawks for all of us over here at TSO, so I'll take it easy...for now.