06 December 2009

Detroit Rock City in 30 +/- hours...

On the itinerary for today:

1. Pack.

2. Birthday present shopping for Brian's dad.

3. Pack.

4. Limit my coffee intake so I can try to go to sleep tonight at a decent time.

5. Pack.

6. Watch the Wings @ Rangers tonight. (Should be epic--Brian predicted a limb malfunction/loss for one Marian Gaborik, so if the game is half as exciting as that bold statement, we're going to have a blast.)

7. Pack.

Can you tell I fucking hate packing?


Just wanted to put something quick out there: Thank you, thank you to everyone who gave us suggestions of things and places to check out while we're in town. You guys are the best. Now we're even MORE excited about everything ever, and we didn't think that was even possible. From now on, I'm going to consult you all on every single one of my major life decisions and personal issues, so get ready to enjoy this bond we now have with one another. (For starters, let me ask you a question about this burning sensation I recently experienced...)


We'll be staying in touch via Twitter, and I'll have my laptop, although I can't promise we'll be coherent enough to write anything meaningful post-game. If our experience goes anything like we hoped for in our itinerary, one or more of the following may ensue:

1. Arrests. For stealing a kid's Zamboni toy. Whatever, you now know how I feel about children.

2. Something may get lit on fire. I'm just saying. If someone levels Corey Perry or Ryan Getzlaf or, really, anybody on that squad, I'm pretty sure I'll need to incorporate "Opa!" into the evening's festivities.

3a. Having the best experience of our lives, period, or...

3b. Being found face-down in a gutter in a pile of our own bile. It really is an all-or-nothing situation.



  2. Have great time you lucky bastards. Also, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for posting a video of the worst song ever (except for Sweet Home Alabama and everything by U2, Queen, Abba and Madonna). It warmed my heart.

  3. Maxie, done.

    Andy, how can you hate "Final Countdown"?! Come onnn. Don't all Norwegians love the best band ever from the continent of Europe?

    (Kudos to you for hating on U2. Bono and his bullshit philanthropy can suck a big one.)

  4. Haha, no they're frickin' swedish, and they're like our rivals (on the other hand I do love the Swedish band In Flames). And they're not at all a great band. They're kind of faux-metal made for MTV, and that song is thoroughly annoying :P
    (Best band from the continent of Europe: maybe Scorpions, In Flames, Children of Bodom, or if you count Britain: Black Sabbath, Oasis, Amy McDonald, Iron Maiden)

    Yeah, Bono's smug "we're saving the world and we're better than you"-act makes me wanna puke. A guy who changes the world by being friends with George Dubya and building skyskraper hotels in Dublin's historic center impresses me as much as Gary Bettman's "strong leadership" of the NHL. Also, U2's music kinda sucks

  5. Hahaha, I honestly only know "Final Countdown", and for me, that's always been enough. It's in my top ten favorite songs. You probably don't want to know what the other nine songs are.

    OK, I'll give you the Scorpions. Their "Still Loving You" is heartwarming. And in all seriousness, Black Sabbath is an awesome fucking band.

    I died laughing reading what you wrote about Bono/Dubya. That's just too funny. You will find no argument from either Brian or me on here regarding that. On top of Bono's self-serving philanthropic missions being fucking annoying, his whole attitude of "U2's music has saved the world" is gag-inducing. The only thing his music has saved is...nothing. In fact, I'd wager to say that his music has driven more people to put a gun to their heads than it has to encourage people to walk away from the ledge. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is the worst. Song. Ever.

  6. Hehe. No I probably don't wanna know that :P

    And yeah, you're right. U2's music does make me wanna kill myself.