11 December 2009

Ducks @ Wings tonight.

I almost titled it "TSO & Ducks @ Wings tonight", but I didn't because (A) I don't want to ever, ever, EVER be involved in a compound subject with those people, and (B) I figured it was a little lame to put ourselves on a pedestal, implying that people really care that we'll be in attendance more than they care about the visiting team. Eh, fuck it. We're going to the game. Considering starting the pregame early--like right now--to get really, really pumped.

We found this really awesome place to eat dinner tonight; it's kinda fancy--several courses--and it pretty much specializes in one specific dish. Here's what's on the menu:

Soup: Polish Duck Soup (Czarnina)

Salad: Mixed Greens with Duck L'Orange Cutlets

Appetizer: Foie Gras

Main Course: Peking Duck

Dessert: PAIN

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  1. So you're having duck, duck, goose for dinner then?

  2. BTW I love how Winging it in Motown always marks your blogposts as explicit content. A couple of fucks and some sex jokes should be okay for grown people (and teens) to handle. God, I love America!

  3. GO WINGS!!!!!!! Please, please, PLEASE pummel the Schmucks!!!

    Have fun & don't get into too much trouble! However, I am close enough to the Joe to come & post bail if necessary.

    Oh, also? I believe Czarnina is actually duck blood soup. I'm gonna take that as a sign that we'll get to see some Duck blood on the ice tonight. *crosses fingers*

  4. Anon and Raputa--the duck meal was sooo yummy, thanks for asking. We are the luckiest bloggers ever to have someone offer to post bail for us and drag our asses out of jail, FYI.

    Andy, Americans are the biggest prudes ever, so I totally understand why they warn WIM readers about this blog. It's also why I'm proud to be an American who doesn't care acting a fool. People often take themselves wayyyy too seriously for my taste.

  5. Yeah, I don't really see why one should take oneself to seriously or be extremely scared of swearing, sexual innuendo etc etc. But hey, would we love America if it wasn't so weird and conflicted?