10 December 2009

I am ready to murder something.

There is so much I'm pissed off about right now:

1. What's worse than seeing the Wings lose? Seeing them get shut out in person.

2. What's worse than seeing the Wings get shut out in person? Seeing Dan Cleary get injured in person and finding out the day after that he'll be out for up to four weeks with a separated shoulder (via Bruce MacLeod's Twitter). What. The. Fuck. This, of course, means that The Scrappy Octopus's new bonercrush, Ville Leino, returns gallantly to the lineup tomorrow night against the Anaheim Ducks. At least the booing of the opposing team will drown out my booing of Mr. Leino himself. Just kidding. I'll probably just throw my panties at him or something since I'm now so in love with him. (Ah, it really is just a distraction, typing this bullshit, from what really blows ass: Dan Cleary is the 927th Red Wing to be injured this season. At this rate, I expect to walk away from the game tomorrow night with a pickaxe shoved up my ass or something.)

3. This isn't necessarily worse than Items 1 and 2, but we're getting fucked over by our hotel; as of 11 a.m. today, when we were getting ready to leave to grab some lunch, we discovered that the hotel had charged us approximately 133% of the cost of our stay here, in addition to the charge we'd already incurred by Travelocity for booking the stay in the first place. The person at the front desk explained that the hotel hadn't gotten paid by Travelocity; how this is our fucking problem, I do not know. But it really is a great policy, isn't it? You can imagine that being double-charged for a six-night stay at a hotel in Detroit is not an inexpensive affair. Needless to say, we pitched a fit, and the person at the front desk has been "on the phone" with Travelocity, attempting to sort out the ordeal, for approximately two hours now. Fuck. This.

Oh, and if anybody's curious, we're staying at the Omni Riverfront. Would have highly recommended it until now.


  1. I'm sorry your stay so far has been less than present! As much as I was upset about the home shutout, finding about DC being out for 4 weeks later was even worse. I really Wings cook the Ducks so that you can end your trip to Joe in a positive note. You know, last time the Ducks were in town we won 7:4 and Hank served up Arby's... will we have the same luck? We can hope!

    PS: Like some other people, I was looking for a female trying to steal a toy zamboni from a kid but FSN Detroit didn't show any.

  2. That SUCKS! Last time I was there we rolled into the Fort Shelby Guest Suites and had an awesome stay. They shuttle you around town too, which was awesome for our trips to the bar.

    How about some goals tomorrow night, eh?

  3. WTFF is going on with our boys?!?!?!?!?! I just...I can't...what...AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Dats looks like shit & #44 is too busy practicing his twirling. Don't even get me started on the "kids".

    Seriously...maybe Babs should pull in some of those peewees that have their little shoot-out between periods.

    Now another injury? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!

    What. The. FUCK!!!!!!!!

    PS: sorry to hear about the crap with your hotel. I hope it gets straightened out & fast!

  4. They better find the scoring touch tomorrow... got myself two Standing room tickets (Like always.) and I make sure I'm the loudest one in the arena by starting chants and riduculing the men in stripes. (But who wouldn't?) Plus I get a bonus out of going to see the game tomorrow night. I get to see Howie start.

  5. I seriously think you should send Brian down to play for the Wings tomorrow. He has to be better than Leino!

    Sucks about your stay, hope it goes well.

    (and I too, as stated in my live blog, am disappointed that FSD didn't show a woman trying to steal a zamboni toy)

  6. The Westin Book Cadillac is fantastic. I booked it through Travelocity and got a decent rate and the Club Floor. Had a great stay even if I picked the weekend of the Steelers/Lions game. As a Clevelander, the last thing I ever want to see when I walk in a bar is wall to wall black and gold.

    Lame-O gets a hat trick tomorrow night and your panties! Of course the chance of that happening is -8.

  7. Is it weird that on the way home from the Hawks game last night when I heard the Wings game score, the first thing I thought of was how disappointed you'd be? Oh, and I would have wanted a Zamboni toy too, even one with Wings on it, I like anything Zamboni!

    My Detroit trips have all been one-day things where I sleep on the bus back, or stay with friends, so I have no hotel advice. I'd love to stay at the Book Cadillac or Fort Shelby someday b/c my friends used to sneak into them when they were abandoned wrecks, and it's great to see them get rehabbed. Hope the trip improves. Let me know how the crepe place is if you try it...

  8. Thanks, everybody, for your well wishes. We got it worked out pretty much (see newer post). It still sucks ass and made for an aggravating day. We're now decompressing before heading out to enjoy the evening, even though it's approximately negative a bajillion degrees outside.

    Andy, how much would you die if Brian hit the ice tomorrow? Raputa, ditto on the peewee ice kids. That shootout was adorable, even though I hate children. If only it were BEARS playing hockey. That may actually be the solution to our roster problems.

    Oh, and K--the crepe restaurant was AMAZING! Seriously, it was the most delicious thing ever. They have probably 30 different kinds of crepes, both sweet and savory. So good. I had one with lox/horseradish-dill spread/capers; Brian tried one with chicken/sun-dried tomatoes/brie/pesto. Both were out of this world. We're definitely going back before we leave town. It's called Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes, and it's right beside a bookstore called Leopold's Books, which we also visited. Very great store, small selection, but very interesting books. Highly recommend both places.

  9. Natalie, the shoot-out is even cuter when it's really little teeny kids...like 5 or 6 years old. They can't hardly skate & a few of them always fall down.

    For the record, I'm not a huge fan of children either. There were a couple of cute ones sitting near us though. I kept eyeballing their zamboni toys & comtemplating how fast I could grab one & run down the steps without tripping or spilling my beer.

    Oh yes! BEARS!!!!! I think Kenny needs to start contacting zoos & circuses, STAT!

  10. Natalie: I really think Brian should hit the ice tomorrow. In a Wings jersey. I would think he pasionately cares, something Leino doesn't seem to, and therefore he should probably do better than Ville as Ville's skill level seems ridiculously low.

    On second thought, considering your hate of the Ducks, you should probably play too. I'd love to see you try to rip Cory Perry's face off :P

  11. I think we should start a bear hockey league. That would be amazing. Maybe if a couple of them perform adequately, we can bump them up to the Wings second line. (Riiimshottttt!) Wow, they say laughter is the best medicine, but it still feels hurty.

    And that is a great idea; I would love to be able to get on the ice and give some of the Ducks the business. Brian and I often talk about what type of role we'd fill on a hockey team. He says he would be a playmaker, in the style of a "very poor man's Pavel Datsyuk". Me? I'd be an enforcer (shocking, I know). The closest I would get to actually scoring points would be doing what Homer does, only I'd do it while wielding ninja stars or something. Anyway, I'd like to take my enforcing skills to the ice, especially with Captain Niedermayer's perpetual flying elbows and Ryan Getzlaf's perpetual douche stare and James Wisniewski's perpetual assplug hair all being present tonight.

  12. I kinda figured you'd be the enforcer kind :P

    I used to be a kind of mini version of Homer, just with better skating ability and a passion for fighting the biggest guy on the other team (I was vertically challenged growing up)