08 March 2010

A welcome-back to Lilja, and oh, yeah--how about that game yesterday?

If hockey fans are the best, then Red Wings fans are the most awesomest times infinity.

Our pal saraneuie, owner of her own photo blog, has generously agreed to continue sending her welcome-back montages to us to post on here. A million thanks, Sara, and without further adieu, I present you with a collage of Andreas Lilja's first game back at the Joe:

Even still, seeing him back in the Winged Wheel feels too good to be true, like I'm imagining it.


And yeah, how about that game yesterday against our nemeses? Felt pretty fucking good to win 5-4 at the United Center, didn't it?

My favorite part, other than Datsyuk's amazing breakaway goal and the fantabulous Franzen interpretation of a diving motion (LOVE how Chicago brings out the best in terms of the Mule's antics), was how the Hawks didn't really seem to get that the game was over at the final buzzer.

Because I'm pretty 'hood, I had to think long and hard about what gangsta song I would use to describe how I felt following yesterday's victory. I think I've chosen a solid one:


  1. I feel the same way about seeing Lilja back in the Winged Wheel, I'm almost afraid he'll disappear if look away...

  2. Sheesh, and that was the first time I'd been to a Hawks-Wings game, believe it or not. I got a last-minute face-value ticket from a blogger friend. I went from seeing the Hawks' best period at the UC this year (1st period against Canucks Fri, scoring 5 goals) to their worst (uh...).

    Finally the Wings had a no-goal call work in their favor...not that that's all that lost Chicago the game, they screwed up all kinds of ways. It was worth going to see their first hat trick of the season (and first I'd seen in person). Ugh, the only teams I've watched Blackhawks lose to are Blues and Wings.

    And I have to go from that to taking my friend to her first hockey game tomorrow night...Calgary vs Detroit!

  3. "If hockey fans are the best, then Red Wings fans are the most awesomest times infinity."

    That's up there with "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" for all-time greatest opener. I finally have an office neighbor and he looked at me with grave suspicion when I burst out after that one.

    "Mind your own damn business!"

  4. That song cannot be used for good-- ONLY EVIL. DONT TEMPT FATE.

  5. Sara, it's SO nice having him on the blueline, so the only horribleness we're exposed to there is Ericsson OR Lebda, not BOTH. Siiiigh.

    K, I hope you had a good time at the game last night. I'm sure the outcome probably didn't upset you as much as it did everybody else here, but I hope you and your friend enjoyed yourselves nonetheless. Thanks for always coming by when our respective teams faceoff. You know, I have never seen a hat trick in person; I'm glad you got to see it, and in the vast scheme of things, Andrew Ladd doesn't bother me other than, you know, the fact that he plays for Chicago. :)

    Rob, thanks for the Dickensian comparison. We're hoping to get an entry into Bartlett's. If "glued-up dickhole" didn't do it, maybe this tamer but equally awesome intro will.

    Maxie, I think the evil caught up with me for last night's game. I would have rather boned someone in a church parking lot with the gunshot song blaring than have to watch that game again.