31 March 2010


I'm of one mind about this game:

Two points is nice.

Doesn't matter the way they came tonight. All told, a great performance from the boys tonight. They played hard for MOST of the game, which is better than earlier in the season when it was only like a period they showed up for, or worse, the whole game. What is it that makes the Oilers get geared up for the Wings? Do they do meth and eat babies to get jacked up? I'm picturing Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers putting on his mask and head-butting Devan Dubnyk until he's unconscious. Maybe some metal playing in the background. I don't know. Fuck if I understand this Oilers team. (Quick sidebar - I'm going to try my hardest to boost the swear/ridiculous count for this post today due to the Twitter controversy. wish me luck!)

So anyway, back to tonight's game:

1. Am I the only one out there who doesn't have much to complain about tonight's game? Defense looked good, save for the brief collapse, great. Sure, that won't win playoff games, but with the streak they've been on, aren't you entitled to one lapse here and there?

2. Jimmy looked....human tonight. And that's ok, too, as he's carried this team of grown-ass men most of the season. Maybe he gets a rest soon? Maybe we see Ozzie in one of the weekend games? Or maybe one of Jimmy's limbs fly off due to exhaustion. I have no idea. Babcock is the smart one.

3. One of the stories on ESPN's NHL page - "Wings blow four goal lead", with no mention of the fact that they actually won the game. That's curious.

4. Jeff Deslauriers doesn't look like a bad goalie. I wonder what he'd be like on a good team? Of course, his Air Jordan impression on the 4th goal....ewwww.

5. And since I have nothing else to add for tonight's game, a brief touch on today's Twitter #fuckyeahH2H controversy.......

My advice to anyone in life about anything - Know what you like, and if you don't like something, you're not required to read it. If I decide to use the term I just invented, fuckshitasswipehole, in a sentence, I do so knowing it might not be for everyone. Those who aren't cool with that.....awesome! Maybe this isn't for you, and that's ok. If you asked me, I'd probably not recommend you read anything I write or even listen to me in a conversation. Ever. All these things are ok. The problem, however, comes when someone tries to suggest that H2H doesn't mean anything or in some way is now irrevocably ruined forever due to the fact that someone used the tag #H2Hfuckyeah, or whatever the hell started it. ZOMFG I CANNOT BELIEVE SOMEONE EVER DARED TO SWEAR! OH SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE MY EYES/EARS/DELICATE SENSIBILITIES FROM THINGS I'M NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO READ. THIS WILL VIOLATE EVERY CHARITABLE ACT THAT'S EVER HAPPENED.

Even thinking about it in retrospect is slightly absurd to me. And maybe it wasn't even a huge deal, and MAYBE I'm even trying to pad this post as I'm too tired to write a recap that's worth a shit. But sometimes, stuff is ridiculous and needs to be mentioned as such.

That having been said: Wings, don't give your fans heart failure like you did tonight. The hot streak is still alive!


  1. swear words are ruining our nation.

    I blame you.

  2. Here's one:


    You are welcome.

    - Tyler

  3. My reaction to the game: Meh.

    They played hard for about 35 minutes, then let up. It almost cost them. One could argue that the 2nd Edmonton goal was all Jimmy's to stop, but his team had hung him out to dry on a line change. So, plenty of blame to pass around. I'm hoping for the Columbus game the boys can focus for the entire 60 minutes.

    Having been around hockey my entire life I know some salty language is just part of the culture. The locker room, the bench, on the ice, in the stands - it all gets pretty colorful.

    You're right, if someone doesn't like it, they probably should tune out of the conversation.

  4. Since I am not part of the Twitterverse, I have no idea what you are talking about. All I can say is a word is a word. Fuck, on the other hand, is the king of all words. Long live the king!

    The game? I can't be upset for two reasons: Hot Kronner (Is it a sex act, a pastry, or both? I'd love to find out.) and this is the type of game we would have lost 2 months ago. A few days ago I was looking back at Calgary and smiling, now I am looking back at Colorado and LMFAO (for those tender of heart).

  5. Bloodturd: hahahahaha.

    Brian, you canNOT hypothesize that our Calder hopeful's limb will fly off because we all know his name is Jimmy Howard and not Marian Gaborik. So THERE.

  6. B to the Rian, well mister, there was certainly not enough "colorful" words for my liking and I think you know that.

    Jimmah WILL win the Calder AND the Vezina this year. DIBS.

    I will not be able to stop thinking about the "Hot Kronner." EVER. Thanks Krononymous. No, seriously, THANK YOU.

  7. LMAO you guys. I seriously can't believe the Twitter controversy got so far. People should know better than to mess with the 19. We're kind of like Homer. If you tell us to stop bugging the goalie, it's just going to make us do it even more. Either way, I'm totally behind the #FUCKYEAHH2HISFUCKINGAWESOMESHIT, and if people think I have a potty-mouth, well, obviously they've never seen hockey.

    Hell, even Mr. Hockey, who turns 82 years young today (and could still kick all of our asses if he so decided because he's a hockey ninja), said once that hockey players (and I'm sure fans too) are bilingual, fluent in English and profanity. If Mr. Fucking Hockey says it's okay, then hell, I'm down with that!

    OMG, Dena, Twitter wasn't cooperating with me at the Joe last night, but as soon as Kronner scored that sweet ass goal, all I could think about you, Swedish underwear, and some amount of #Eavesing going on... Sara & I were yelling at the top of our lungs & simply thought, holy crap, if Dena was here, we'd definitely be having to bail her out of jail by the end of the night. Glad to see so many of our D-men get up on the scoreboard. Stuie looked to be in kind of a bad mood in warm-ups & kept shooting pucks right at the glass when we were trying to take pics (I'm still paranoid that it's not his routine & he just doesn't like us) so I'm glad he got the final goal. Hell, I think we ALL are glad he got that goal. Holy crap. Talk about profanity. I think the family in front of us was going to tell the usher to kick us out after all the colorful language I was throwing at them... It's not nearly as creative as Brian's, but it works...

    And finally, damn, it feels good to win that one. After blowing the biggest #fuckyeah lead of the season, I thought fuck, we're going to another shootout... But earlier this season, we would've given up, and it was nice to see the switch flipped on and the REAL Red Wings show up for the last 10 minutes of the game after they fell asleep at the wheel for the middle 30 mins or so... The way we'd been PWNing them in the 1st pd, I was hoping to coast to a historical 3000-1 win over those fuckers who had the audacity to think they could sweep the mighty Wings.

    Holy crap, this comment is about as long as your blog post. Suffice to say, yay for the win & you guys are the king/queen of #FUCKYEAH. That is all.

  8. Brian, first of all, great work like always. As far as I'm concerned, I'll read every goddamn word that's posted onto this site for eternity.

    Your thoughts about censorship are spot on. I half-wanted to write my own manifesto, but then decided I'd rather not even give these fucking nutballs any credence or thoughts. What we all accomplished, together, is an unbelievable lesson for anyone, if you have your head yanked out of her ass long enough to notice. Sadly, some people like the view from up there, so they keep it dark. It's those people that scare me most of all.

  9. Manda:

    As I was reading your post, I was simultaneously watching the game and no shit, Kronner scored.

    I totally want Ken Daniels in the room when Kronner and I consumate our relationship:


  10. Words are harmless, they hurt you if they let them. So FUCKYEAH! Spot on Brian!

  11. re: #3, ESPN covered a hockey story not involving the golden child?? I call bullshit--you're making all this fucking stuff up dammit!!!

    (if you haven't figured out, I don't mind the swearing thing either--the people involved in #H2H did a great thing). Great writeup Brian.