24 March 2010

Hockeytown in 24.

Much has been said about H2H on this blog, but little sums up the awesomeness we're feeling knowing that in T minus 24 hours, we'll be on the road and Detroit-bound for the greatest experience a fan can have. This is our last full day on the job before embarking on our 8-hour trek, and to be honest, our mental capacities are about as useful as a limp dick on prom night. Let's just say we're looking forward to the following:

--meeting Herm, who just Tweeted that he's leaving for the airport soon, which means that Herm to Hockeytown is that much closer to becoming Herm in Hockeytown

--hanging out with the most amazing bloggers, commenters, and Tweeps ever

--going to our fourth game at the Joe under such awesomely fun circumstances

--basking in the awesomeness that will come with Petrella sporting the T-shirt of his dreams, commemorating the special bond he has with #44. (A special shoutout to Hollis for enlisting us in this particular bit of debauchery.)

--hanging out with Sara and Nurse Nitz, the fabulous ladies who make the most awesome English/Swedegian T-shirts and collages ever for the Mule, Pasha, and pretty much everyone else.

--playing this song at volume 11 and running, arms outstretched, to my presumed soulmate, Dena. Later, I suspect we'll later be watching Dena get kindly escorted into the back of a cop car for offering--a little too literally--to be Kronner's jockstrap. (Dena, because you're not on Facebook, which means we can't stalk one another, I'll be the girl in the Homer jersey over by the bar, putting out the vibe.)

--pouring one out for our bud Krononymous when we pass by Cleveland on the interstate. (No, really, this WILL happen.)

--exchanging all kinds of U.Va./Tech jokes with Casey, our favorite Hokie

--goading Brian into performing one of his awesome dance numbers, including, but not limited to, pseudo-cartwheels, lethargic gun-waving motions, riverdancing, the mamushka, the robot, the worm...anything goes at H2H. (Seriously, I'll probably need some help convincing him to do this, so I highly expect all persons reading this to help me coax and goad.)


--waking up with the best, most well-earned hangover ever on Saturday morning afternoon.

TSO wants to extend its appreciation to all the people who worked their asses off to make this possible. And by "appreciation," we not only mean "thank you," but also, you have a virtual coupon for one grinding lapdance from Brian, to be redeemed at a time and place of your choosing.

Happy H2H, everyone!


  1. have fun kids... See you all on next years version.

  2. Yes, gratitude to all involved, and see ya next year fo' sheezy!

    My one request is for lots of documentation in forms of video and photos... and signs and chants to be heard and seen on TV during the game. :)

  3. Oh, I think Kronner has the restraining order written out and filed. I'm coming my darling.

    That...was not the song I was expecting. But I do love fairies, just not those kind.

    I believe I will be wearing my Mule T, because I wore it to the Cindy beat down, good mojo and all.


  4. Thanks, Andy!

    Vicky, we will be fired up! If I see a camera in my face at any point, I'll do something nice and stupid just for you. :)

    But, Dena, that song is so appropriate for us. I was either that or "Chariots of Fire," but the latter has been done too many times before, by people way lamer than us.

  5. Natalie, watch out for those Ohio State Troopers - they can be humorless out there in farm country!

    Have fun guys. I'll be watching for the girl with 16 colors in her hair in the Homer jersey and another one in a Mule T and handcuffs!

    A friend of mine just got me tickets to the Wings/BJ game on 4/9 so leave something of Kronner for me Dena...if you'd be so kind.

  6. My jealousy knows no bounds, but I console myself with thoughts of next year. Not that it helps, but I'm bitter that way.

    And please, Natalie, PLEASE make sure to get video of Brian's dance routine. Those of us not attending deserve a consolation prize! Actually video of any dance numbers at H2H would be awesome!

  7. Travel safe and have fun. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  8. Nice to meet you guys... keep up the great work.