22 March 2010

Jimmy's facial to Sid? Icing on a sweet cake.

Would everyone out there agree that this was the single best game the Wings have played this season? I know the snap judgment in society dictates that everything that just happened is the biggest, best thing of all time, but tonight's game was a total and complete effort. 60 minutes of badass, we're the Detroit Red Wings and we're going to dick punch you until we're bored, and then we're going to give you the old Cleveland Steamer for shits and giggles (you may be asking "Who would provide the steamer?" I'm glad you asked. Brett Lebda. You can just tell by looking at him. Doesn't make him a bad person, just different).

My thoughts on tonight's game:

1. Nice game by, oh, everyone. I literally have nothing to complain about. Even in victories I can usually find something to nitpick. Not tonight.

2. Jimmy should've had the shutout. Damned weirdass bounce in front. Oh well. He'll have to settle for a win against the asshat Penguins. Good consolation prize.

3. I know he didn't have two goals tonight, but Datsyuk was just amazing on the ice tonight. During one of the power plays, he was kind of a one-man power play out there with chance after chance. He created, he took control of the game, and onwed that shit tonight. Good on him.

4. Derek Meech had a good game in limited ice time. Did you read that correctly Pens? DEREK MEECH looked serviceable against you tonight. As a forward. The position he does NOT play on the regular.

5. This was the first Vs. broadcast we've seen this season due to the petty, childish Direct TV/Comcast feud (for the record - TSO was extremely pro Direct TV, as Comcast is the devil). Pens vs. Wings, you would expect, oh, I dunno, an NBC style broadcast......didn't happen. No excessive fawning over the Pens. The Red Wings got mentioned, so that was nice. But Doc and Edzo were.....good. Which makes me appreciate how shitty NBC's coverage of hockey is. I mean, for me, I didn't have much to compare it to. Vs was blacked out all season and I've never had it before. Local Fox Sports and Comcast sports channels do a good job. But kudos to Vs. It was also nice to NOT see Pierre McGuire or Milbury.

6. Good game Wings. Jimmy, Z, Pav, everyone.

On a totally separate note, H2H is fast around the corner. Since this might be the last time I post before then (unless that crafty Nat talks me into another game recap!), I just wanted to express how exciting this is. I mainly thought of all this tonight because I just reserved our car for the trip (full size baby because TSO is stylin'). Charity, hockey, and a chance to hang with the best blog community in the world.......amazing. I mean, folks chipped in, and now we're shipping up a guy from Brazil to see a Wings game! AND we raised a bunch of money for charity. AND Michael Petrella is going to wear a fabulous Bert tribute shirt. Life is good. Can't wait to meet everyone!


  1. Hahahaha to the entire first paragraph. I read that 10 minutes ago and I'm STILL laughing.

  2. And if I were heading down, I'd stop by Big Fun and pick up an official Cleveland "Cleveland Steamer" t-shirt for Lebs!

    Have fun guys. I'll be watching you on FSD.

  3. Nice recap. Just a few things:

    1. I think Derek Meech is a pretty good forward. he should never play defense again.
    2. Edzo sucks, but you all know Doc is awesome. Just listen to a Devs broadcast to see just how awesome.
    3. H2H, JEALOUS!
    4. Never disappear on us like that again guys! I need my fix of this site!

  4. I think Cindy and Maxine are more than familiar with the Cleveland steamer. Along with the Donkey Punch, Dirty Sanchez, Hot,warm, and cold Carl, golden shower, and a complete JAILSEXING with the tattooed boobs on Cindy's back.

    BTW, I thought that I was going to fall into Tyler Kennedy's nostrils last night....

  5. Finest moment of the season, for me, was Jimmy going after Sidney at the end of the game. Priceless. That the Wings won is just a bonus to that.

    Good effort all around. Feet moving and skating through the neutral zone. Looking where passes were going. Awesome. Totally shutting Sidney down, even more awesome.

  6. Excellent game by the boys. I'm going to the game tomorrow & I want to see the exact same effort out there against the Blues.

    Not only did Jimmah give Cindy a facial, but 44 did too!!!! Nice move, Bert. I still hate you, but yeah, that was ace.

    Man, I hate that little douche. The only thing that could have improved this game would be Cindy getting Kronwalled.

    Cindy's theme song: Godsmack's "Cryin' Like A Bitch". Learn it. Know it. Live it. Love it.

    Have a blast at H2H everybody!!! Man, I wish I could be there. I will be watching on tv though & looking for you guys in the crowd!!!