17 February 2010

Walk It Out Wednesday.

Today's question it brought to you by my cohort, Ballin' B:

Which current non-Red Wing forward would you love to see wearing the Winged Wheel?

Purely hypothetical. No salary cap issues attached because that makes it less fun. The only stipulation is that your selection has never played in Detroit, but really, if you want to choose someone who's played here before, go ahead. Just like Hockeytown itself, TSO has no limits. Or morals. But that's another issue.

My choices:

First choice: Jarome Iginla. I've always loved him. He's a consistently strong player, capable of fantastic offensive tricks, but at the same time, he's not afraid to drop the gloves and scrap a little. He's a solid leader and an all-around class act. Last night, after scoring a hat trick against Team Norway, he spent most of his NBC interview praising his linemate Sid the Kid. Sure, I vomited a little bit in my mouth, but what else do you expect from this guy? Humility all the way. Also, he has the longest name ever known to mankind: Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla. I especially love that there's a "Junior" thrown in there, just for good measure.

Runners-up: Nicklas Backstrom, who's just scary talented (and Brian has a great big freakin' mancrush on him--I suspect the flowing golden locks), Zach Parise, who has amazing puck-handling skills and speed, and Rick Nash, who brings a lot of the same qualities to the table as Iginla. I feel it goes without saying that I would have no problem if the Great #8 rocked our red, too.

Runner-up/player who's been here before: Mike Knuble. He's had a stellar year with Washington, notching 42 points so far, and he's not afraid to scrap, either. Can we kidnap him? Also, if we could get Jiri Hudler back for $5/game and a chicken farm so he can cluck in a group setting, that would be fantastic.

Players I'd rather NOT see in the Winged Wheel: Marian Gaborik, only because I don't want Al Sobotka and his colleagues to have to clean up his limbs from the ice. Also applicable here are all the usual suspects.

And now, because it's Wednesday and we really have no (new) reasons to be pissed off at the world, let's dance:


  1. Backstrom would undoubtedly be mine, he is an amazing playmaker- and is scoring more this year too. Plus he's a Swede and we apparently can't have enough of those in Detroit. He was my first choice, before I even saw that you had him down.

  2. #1. Rick Nash: I want him on our team for many reasons but #1 is so he can't score his usual hattrick against us if he's on our team.

    #2. Ovi: Could you imagine the line of Pavs, Mule and Ovi? Bask.

    I know I went obvious, but as the day rolls on I 'll probably pipe in with some gems.

  3. WingedUP, I love Backstrom. He's always working hard on the ice, and he is just so stunningly gifted.

    Dena, I thought my answer(s) were overall obvious, but I couldn't decide among them. There's a clear-cut group of forwards I love and forwards I hate. Since we already covered the hate, I figured today, it was time for some love.

  4. Totally agree so far. Jarome Iginla is one of my all-time favorite non-Wings and, as you said, he's a great guy. And Ovie is pretty much the only non-Datsyukian Russian forward I can stand, so I wouldn't mind him either... as long as he behaves himself.
    Always wanting to add more Swedes to our roster, how about a fifth line with the Sedins? Abby's gonna need some new line-mates anyways... plus he can use that big butt of his to keep people out of their way. Oh, and I REALLY want to see that kid back in the Winged Wheel too, not that I won't next year...

  5. Backström, OV, Patrick Sharp and Scott Hartnell (yes I know everyone hates him, but he can score, he can hit and he can scrap).

    Also, Darren McCarty and Steve Yzerman even though they're retired

  6. Other than the big names already mentioned, I'd say Mike Cammalleri. He's a small lad but I like him a lot.

  7. How about Jonathan Toews. He's a very skilled player, wins a lot of faceoffs and is mature for his age. Unlike some other young players, he knows how to handle himself both on (ahem, Crosby) and off (looking at you, Kane) the ice.
    Take Game 4 of the WCF last year - where was he when the entire Blackhawks team was having a meltdown? Nowhere near all that crap. And he's only 21, so has plenty of time to get even better.

  8. Oh, I can't settle on just one.

    Zach Parise I adore, so he'd be my first choice. I like Toews a lot, a very good choice for captain in Chicago even at his young age. I like Ryan Kesler of Vancouver too - he's an irritant, but that's his job. Backstrom, also Kovalchuk, obviously - and Ovechkin, too.

    But if I had to pick only one, it would be Parise.

  9. Players i'd covet:

    Parise, Mason Raymond, TJ Oshie, the big ones (Ovechkin, etc), Backstrom, Cam Ward, and Ryan Miller

    Opposite of covet:

    Tom Poti

  10. Can we bring back Aaron Downey? I covet him, but probably not in an appropriate way.

    Brian, you blew up my spot with the Tom Poti reference. I was planning an extravagant surprise for you when we do the defense version of this question. Gear down.

    Jenn and Baroque, you both make excellent points about Toews; he's one of two people on that roster I can actually stand.

    Krononymous, I love Mike Camalleri, if only because the French Canadian announcers say his name in the most awesome way when he does something exciting.

  11. I'd go with Rick Nash. Along with Franzen, that would give the Wings two big forwards with incredible hands and wicked shots.

    Aside from everybody mentioned, I'd also take Malkin, despite his bullshit in the SCF against Z.

  12. OK, if we can bring someone back, I want Slava Koslov back, yeah I said it. And I want Sean Avery back, yeah I said that too. The whole sloppy seconds comment endeared him to me on sooo many levels. And I'm going to throw in Joe Sakic too, the only player from the Avalanche that was never a complete douchebag.

    Coveted current forward: STEVE SULLIVAN. That is all.

    By the way, did anyone notice that Kronner is clean shaven? (As of last night) And he Kronwalled the fuck out of someone? Awwww yeah!!!

  13. Oh, and I have another announcement:

    I am now in love with Shaun White.

  14. Yep, I did notice Kronwalling last night. :) It was HUGE, too. (That's what she said.)

    As much as I love red hair, I canNOT deal with Shaun White. Amazing athlete, yes. But I cannot bring myself to go any further, except to say that if he wants to trade me hair, I'd be willing to do so.

  15. LOL, once again, I have to crash the party late. Damn, I hate it when I have to work nights! But before I begin, I have to put as a side note that though his antics may be a tad bit over the top, I agree with Dena in that I really do love Shaun White. I know he's overly hyped, and that he was spoiled rotten basically which means he has a real unfair competitive advantage, but for me it comes down to his history. White has a history of a congenital heart defect and endured two open-heart surgeries by the time he was one. I am a nurse that works with babies and children with congenital heart defects in the ICU. I see a lot of children die from this in my work, to see someone go out and not only live a normal life, but become the world's best athlete at something, to me, is beyond inspiring. That and his red hair is pretty freakin' amazing. Sorry, I'll step off my soap box now.

    As for players, this will surprise no one, as in Sara, that my immediate response was Patrick Sharp. I remember you had a previous qtn asking what player we had an irrational hate of, well, he's one I have an irrational love of. It kind of defies all reason with me, because well, he a) plays for the Blackhawks, and therefore I should automatically hate him, b) He is crazy successful against the Wings when we play them, and c) he did mean things to Nick Lidstrom's special parts (I know, not on purpose!). But, still, he's a very solid offensive player, is smart, GOOD AT SHOOTOUTS, a great leader, and generally seems to be a very respectful person off the ice (one of the few that has respect for the Wings organization as a whole). And I have to think that if he had that amount of success AGAINST the Wings, I can only imagine how he'd do playing FOR the Wings. He's going to be one of the coveted free agents that Chicago will most likely lose at the end of the season, and I know we probably can't afford him, but all I'm saying is, get 'er done, Kenny.

    I also have to agree with Natalie on Jarome Iginla. I've always loved him. He's a great scorer (and how we covet scorers this year), also a great leader, and isn't afraid to duke it out. Also, I'd really like Marian Hossa back, even if he isn't clutch. I think we're seeing now what a difference he made last REGULAR SEASON with just being able to score (and then we wouldn't have to worry about OT losses). And if we're talking of adding awesome Swedes, I also have to add Daniel Alfredsson to that list. I know he's old now, but I've always loved him, probably because he had that outstanding Calder year the first year I actually followed hockey. Also up for consideration, Zach Parise, and of course, after watching Dats and Ovie playing together for Russia, the amount of magic those two could create is too vast to even fathom.

    To comment on the Olympics thus far, the Kronwalling made me so freakin' happy, and also sad because it reminded me what we were missing all those games, and I HATE NBC for showing SUDDEN DEATH CURLING over the 1st period of the Sweden game. Seriously, guys?? I hope that Gustafsson was just feeling out his lines because honestly, there's NO WAY Nick/Nik Jr. are the #2 D-pairing. I know it's their first game, but besides Alfie/Backstrom, I thought the only real lines that had chemistry together were surprise, the Wings (plus Forsberg), and I'd love to a PP unit of just that. With the way that the Swedes struggled a bit with breaking out of the zone, had some D-lapses, and not capitalizing on scoring ops, did anyone else think they were watching the Wings out there?? Also really happy that after a few shifts where he looked like he was struggling to stay on his feet, Fil scored a goal for Finland. Way to represent, boys!

  16. What a good question!

    My first choice would be Ilya Kovalchuk, my favorite non-Wing player. This guy has all the tool you want a forward to have: speed, shot power and accuracy, good stickhandling, etc. Ovechkin would be a close (very close!) second obviously. To imagine any of those two paired up with Pav makes me almost... well, you know...nevermind.

    I would also like to see Jaromir Jagr, one of my all-time favorite, even if he's now 38 and way past his prime. Although, he did looked solid yesterday against Slovakia, notching a goal and an assist.

    Players I would rather catch herpes than see on the team include: Crosby, Pronger, Todd Bertuzzi. Oh wait...

  17. Thanks for the Jr. update ladies. I did not see the Kronwall event because I was out, dammit. I finally was able to get the bar to put the game on one TV but it was too far away to really see what was going on. I am saddened that he has shaved but that stuff will grow back once the Olympics are over and the playoff push begins. Hopefully the hair along with it. I prefer the scruff.

  18. I saw Rafi's first goal of the 2, caught the tail end of curling 11th round OT (Intense! lol) and the very start of the USA v Norway game during lunch yesterday. All the guys I work with who I'd gone out with Sports bar burger place were like, "Oh no, Michael is watching Hockey.. he isn't going back to work on time" haha. I'm like, the Hockey guy at work.

  19. Ovechkin or Malkin. Malkin is a better player than Sid and does not get enough credit.

    I'm enjoying the Olympic hockey. The women are fun to watch, but the games are kind of lopsided. I hope the scores get closer in the medal round.

    Can't wait for the Wings to be back in action. Should be a good run to April as they try to scratch their way into the playoffs.

  20. Nurse Nitz you brought him up so I decided that it was time to make a MAJOR confession. I love Marian Hossa. I have liked him since he played in Atlanta. When he came to Detroit I was sooo happy. I resigned myself to the fact that he would leave me when the season was over, so I was not and still am not pissed off at him. I really think that he gave it his all during the playoffs. He is incredible to watch live, he just does little things that are indescribably awesome. I don't really hate Chicago as much as other people do, I reserve my fury for Pittsburra. (Shout out to Andy.) I think that there was a choice between Hossa and Franzie and I think that Kenny made the right choice. I don't boo Hossa, that actually irritates me. This was a "superstar" that came here with a pay cut, gave interviews whenever asked. He even gave an interview after game 7, I don't see alot of players doing that and I think that that shows alot of class.

  21. I agree with Dena on Sean Avery. Loved the sloppy seconds comment. I also agree on Sakic. Class act. As close to the Captain anyone has ever come.

  22. I am glad you guys enjoyed this question; I'm also glad it was as difficult for some of you to choose just one player as it was for me (hence my "runners-up". For as many annoying people as there are in the league, there are certainly some superstars, or even under-the-radar players, whom we can all lust after.