11 February 2010

A night of effort, heebie-jeebies, and frustration.

So as you saw tonight, the Wings lost to the Sharks...

...fuck a bunch. The Wings played a great game overall tonight. A ton of effort, all kinds of chances, and they just couldn't get it done. Tonight's game was maddening. This might have been one of the better efforts all season, and it wasn't to be. This is all at the expense of our sanity. I don't get it. I know they played a good game tonight. Why, however, is it always the Wings who have a ton of chances but just cant get it done? Why can't these guys light the lamp? So, so many open chances. Whatever. I guess it doesn't really matter. Some of my highlights from the game...

1. Franzen looks like a ginger possessed. For all those who wondered what state he'd come back in, he's told us - super bad ass. That's the state.

2. I'm pretty sure Darren Helm has not had a bad game yet.

3. Jimmy certainly saved our ass countless times. I have no idea how he can do the things he does.

4. It's good to have a top line back.

5. Bleh. They really have to start getting some WINS on the board, right? Great effort, great chances, but came up short. I'm too sleepy for this.

6. I'm prone to overreaction, but shootouts. What's up with that? How are we THAT bad at 'em?

Is it Olympic time yet?


  1. It is SO ridiculously nice to see #93 on the ice. It's like he's a mirage out there, like an imaginary friend. I love it. I love having a top line back, too, despite the Wings' loss last night. It just feels comforting--FINALLY--to see him, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg reunited.

  2. It kind of almost feels like the Wings again, doesn't it? I am going to be a little on edge until we find out who is leaving.

    Can I just say that had to be the most ridiculous non-icing call I've ever seen. It was like slow motion but not. Who knew Homer could turn on the after-burners like that?

  3. Here are some of my observations about my experience at the Joe last evening:

    THERE ARE NOW TIMBITS AT THE JOE!!!!! I had some and they were AWESOME.

    I am still recovering from seeing Z gang raped in front of the Sharks bench. I felt totally impotent and helpless, and of course there was NO CALL. I am scarred for life.

    I don't EVER want to read that Nick Sr. is losing his game EVER AGAIN, BY ANYBODY. The man is a god. His diving backcheck at the end of the 3rd, saving a breakaway, was poetry in motion. So STFU about Sr.

    When Big Rig was serving his 5 for fighting, there was a bevy ( or is it murder?) of 8th grade girls who made their way down to sit behind him. They just sat there and giggled and I overheard "OMG, he's sooooo cute," fifty million times. Funny. Jonathan, please accept your movie star handsomeness, please. You should be single, tapping as much ass as you possibly can.

    And finally, Dany Heatly just shot up to second on my douchebag list. What a whiny, pussy cheating douchebag. STFU Dany.

  4. Been following Twitter today like a 12yr old Jonas brother fan.


  5. I was at this game! I'd wanted to see the Sharks this year but didn't get to see them vs. Blackhawks. Also got to see a different Wings lineup than the Nov. game I went to. Plus, I got the hockey card giveaway...and I really like going to games at the Joe (shh, don't tell Chicago).

    It was tough to watch because I neither wanted the Wings to get #8 nor the Sharks to get points. But I could have standed seeing the Wings win it... Definitely some missed calls, and I don't know how they missed the 2nd goal at first. I've seen some Hawks games this year where they outshot the other team that much but didn't win. Maddening indeed.

    But at least: Timbits! I'm eating some I brought back right now! Tim Hortons must be new there since my last visit, because I certainly would have remembered it.



  7. Oh, yeah baby. New sponsor at the Joe. Free coffee last night, and a box of Timbits: $2.
    Priceless. They were sooooo good. The stand is right by Pavs column. Yeahhh, Boyyyy!!!

  8. I think it's a cackle of 8th grade girls.

  9. Free coffee? I missed it. Got hot chocolate for $1.75. These prices are only a little bit higher than going to one of their stores!

  10. Attention all Kronnerphiles:

    In the free game program there's a feature called pop culture questions with Niklas Kronwall. Here are some of his answers:

    5 favorite things to grill: steak, chicken, corn, mushrooms, and burgers. (I'm a vegetarian).

    5 favorite movies: the hangover, dumb and dumber, braveheart, wedding crashers, and anchorman. (I own all but braveheart, really don't like mel gibson, what with the whole I hate jews thing).

    Has 40-45 pairs of shoes. ( I own 126, shut up)

    artist seen most in concert: Keith urban (at least its not Dave matthews, I would have slit my wrists vertically, that means I would REALLY mean it)

    ultimate karaoke song: On of Garth Brooks' songs (dammit).

    There are others, but that is just the highlights.

  11. Well, now. I do grill a mean corn on the cob and portabello but would be happy to throw anything on the grill that man enjoys.

    Braveheart is bad history but does have the late great Patrick McGoohan as Edward I (Longshanks) so I'll cut him some slack there. You can't go wrong with the rest of them although I'd toss in Blades of Glory.

    Shoes? Who doesn't love them?

    I am shocked his ultimate karaoke song is not Train in Vain but I will chalk that up to youth. Keith Urban? Isn't that the husband of that Australian actress who used to be married to Tom Cruise? Oh, well. I still love him.

    Thanks Dena.

  12. Krononymous:

    Did you hear our night in shining armor on NHLlive today at 1:30? sigh. He plans on playing tomorrow and in the olympics.

  13. Nah, I missed it sadly. Damned clients and that work stuff. I did see the comments though and I hope that's one tough brace.

  14. Wow, I love that Kronner cites a Garth Brooks song as his favorite karaoke. That seems entirely, improbably random, but he would fit in well around here. "Friends in Low Places" was a standard at high school dances. We would get into a circle and sing it as a group. No, I am not kidding. We were that awesome. ;) But getting back to Kronwall: At least it's not as weird as Ozzie citing the Black Eyed Peas as his favorite group. I mean, there's nothing WRONG with liking the Black Eyed Peas, but dude, his FAVORITE group? Whaaaat?

    I also love that as a guy, he owns almost 50 pairs of shoes. Kronner is the best. Thanks for digging this up, Dena. I love hearing these little factoids about the players because in stark contrast to every other athletic enterprise, hockey players in this country are ridiculously under the radar, so you have to work to find out what they're like.