25 February 2010

Hijinks on a random Thursday.

You know what blows goats?

Waking up on a Tuesday and excitedly thinking to yourself: "Yay, it's already Wednesday!" About ten seconds later comes the cold realization that it's not, in fact, already Wednesday, but just another shitass Tuesday.

Repeat the same for Wednesday...and again for Thursday.

It's been a looooooong week.

So, what better to do than to have another impromptu Reader Appreciation Day?

I had one once before, in my haste to thank the three new people who visited my blog and didn't live in the same ZIP code as me (back in those days, I'm pretty sure Brian didn't even read every post). For said Reader Appreciation Day, I promised various things, involving sexual innuendos and hallucinogens, to anybody who would listen.

Now I feel like we all just kinda deserve a little something to get us through this week. Fuck it, Sweden lost to the most horrible Slovaks last night, and Canada triumphed over the Russians, which makes me sad in my heart because I wanted Datsyuk to do well, but alas, it just wasn't in the cards.

So, here goes. I also promised this before, but promptly forgot, and thereby, failed to deliver. So, here goes. Levi Johnston and his, er, hockey stick:

(There's more out there that's NSFW, but I don't feel like posting it on here. Of course, you know we're the polar opposite of prudes, but I really don't want Levi's manass on the site. If you want to reward yourself with it, feel free to click here or here.)

Also, one more thing before you X out of this window and never return: Courtesy of my bestest, please click this to discover why an octopus is better than your mom. Your life will never be the same.

And finally, just because:


  1. I confess, I clicked and clicked again but I can't say I felt rewarded...until I played the video! The awesomeness of which can only be compared to watching an old Rush video - you know, the satin pajamas/fu manchu mustahce/2112 era.

  2. Hmmm...sounds like we need to get to work to create another fantabulous "Brian dances" video, replete with goofy-ass facial hair and questionable wardrobe choices, eh?


    The blog has no idea how much I love that video.

  4. I only hope that mulestache becomes that FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

  5. If Franzen ever lets his mulestache get that crazy, I just might die of happiness. You hear that, Mule? Fiksa det!