18 November 2009

Stars @ Wings tonight, 7:30 p.m.

The Dallas Stars come to the Joe tonight for the first time this season. The team leader in points is Brad Richards, who has 20 points, including 14 assists, the same as our team leader in assists, Henrik Zetterberg. James Neal leads Dallas in goals with 11; our Homer has 9 for the season.

I feel insufficient today because I don't have any real feelings of anything toward the Dallas Stars. They're a team in the Western Conference, and I hope we beat them. I guess I could talk about Steve Ott being annoying, but I don't feel like it. Meh. Here, watch this, just for fun:


It was a daunting task to find a sufficient video of Dallas Stars dancing fan debauchery. I think this video was worth the hunt, and it's a perfect tie-in to the impending holiday season looming ahead of us.

Without further adieu, I give you Dancing Santa with Dallas Stars Ice Girls:


  1. Great find with the brawls video. I somehow had not seen that one before (quite a feat when you conisider the massive amount of time I've spent trolling Youtube for all things Wings-related). Gotta love the way McCarty jumped right in there to defend The Captain (who was pretty feisty that night himself, I might add).

  2. I so love Mr. McCarty; he fits right in with the scrappy nature of this very blog. I'm SO disappointed that I won't get to hear him for the game he's commentating next week unless there's some miracle and Versus is back on DirecTV...or if scrappy customers lead an uprising.

  3. I'm excited to see Mac get an opportunity like that. It'll be the first time in a while that I bother watching an intermission report.

    I wouldn't get your hopes up about the DirecTV thing getting fixed any time soon, though. I talked to one of their reps yesterday about switching my service, and he did an epic job dancing around my question. We might as well have been tangoing over the phone.

  4. I love how McCarty jumped right in for The Captain! I know this video is something of the past but The Captain getting hit or hurt in anyway still makes me so mad!
    Less than an hour away v. Dallas. Go Wings!

  5. Kris, this whole DirecTV/Versus thing sucks ass. We called and complained and got the price of the Center Ice package halved...still doesn't make up for missing out on things like this, though.

    Gander, I love how McCarty straight up tackles him. Nobody fucks with the Captain on his watch. I know we have Brad May, and while I like him and all, I wish we had someone with this much energy/balls. It just isn't the same nowadays.

    Brian, who can resist the charm of a dancing Santa? I can't.