22 November 2009

Canadiens surrender; lose 3-2 in shoot out

Thank you to the Montreal Canadians for essentially handing us the game in the first period with SIX POWER PLAYS. That was completely insane; though the Wings certainly did their best to make the game more interesting. Tonights short recap:

1. Jimbaroo certainly played an adequate game in goal with only one borderline questionable goal. Well played sir.

2. Did anyone else out there have a sense of impending doom when that game went to overtime? Speaking of overtime/shootouts, wowie wow wow in regards to Mr. Zetterberg and Mr. Datsyuk.

3. Georges Laraque. Hmmmmm. How do I put this delicately.....I'm not going to say I hope you contract herpes. Actually, I DO hope you contract herpes. What an asshat. I think I speak for just about everyone when I say that didn't look like a short term injury, and I'm quite afraid to read the news tomorrow. I'm even more afraid of my hockey fandom life involving more Derek Meech. Someone hold me. There might have been retribution on Laraque if Brad May were still alive.

4. I'd certainly like to thank the Canadians for taking six penalties in the first. Much appreciated guys.

5. Nice win tonight. I'm glad the guys didn't this one slip away.

And since I have nothing left to say, I leave you with this "fight" from noted wuss Danny Briere. Does it not seriously look like they aren't fighting but rather hardcore making out?


  1. "A couple of French Canadians going at it"...

    That was a pity call on the 5 minues!

  2. Ha, the Canadiens "surrender"...because they're French! Mwahaha. I got it!