17 November 2009

Slow Day Hijinks (Disgusting).

I just ralphed all over my desk.

Catching up on the 1,000+ items my oh-so-demanding Google Reader expects me to read, I came across this gem, courtesy of Puck Daddy: Claude Lemieux is one of three finalists for Canada's Battle of the Blades. (Go there and watch the video of him dancing AND singing. I dare you. I'm not defiling this sacred blog by embedding it, though.)

That just makes me want to do a triple salchow right into an abyss of steaming lava.

I wonder if he gets a 10 for intentionally boarding his lovely partner.


  1. No worries. He placed second. When the show first started, I couldn't decide whether I wanted him to win so I could make fun of him or lose so I could make fun of him, until I realized that no matter what, I would come out ahead. I think placing 2nd was a perfect ending.

  2. I think Claude missed his calling. He is a pretty impressive figure skater. I know that sounds like a compliment, but it isn't. It's impossible for me to say anything nice about him. The prick. The pretty and graceful skating prick.


  3. No matter what, Claude Lemieux losing and probably looking like a dickhole in the process means everybody wins. To this day if I saw him on the street i'd sucker punch him.

  4. Kris, it truly is the grandest of win-win situations. A teeny tiny part of me is now disappointed that I now won't be able to flip out on this blog about his winning. Sigh. To everything there is a season...

    Tram, I'm still looking for him to execute the world's first septuple axel...into hell. Or at least some sort of vat of molten substance, like I said up there. I'm not creative enough to come up with another metaphor; besides, the thought of him spinning into a volcano makes me giggle.

    Brian, I meant to tell you. I invited him to hang out with us while we're in the D. He's going to be there promoting...something. It's not important. Anyway, I told him we were game for a hotel party. Looks like you'll have to man up.