26 November 2009

Atlanta residents vaguely aware they have a hockey team; Wings lose 2-0

I'm going to attempt to put a slight cap on the Thrashers game tonight. Games like this are completely maddening. Wings nation, as a whole, has a tendency to become....excitable. We expect greatness, and rightfully so. Our team has had a great deal of success over the past two decades, so when something goes wrong sometimes we....freak out. Sometimes I would certainly include myself in that group. Tonight, I'm not freaked out. Its early in the season and we're racked with injuries. There is still plenty of time. All those things having been said.....

Tonight's game was frustrating as shit. Games like tonight make you wonder. All I'm saying is it seems like we've come upon a lot of hot goaltenders lately. Are they all truly hot; or is this team, as currently comprised, simply not as good as we're used to? Food for thought.

Some random thoughts on tonight's game:

1. Good game by Jimmy. I like this kid, though he seems like a complete goober.

2. Phrases I'm sick of hearing and now make me want to run over a bus load of babies (babies are perpetually on my shit list anyway): snake-bit, Todd Bertuzzi, just cant seem to catch a break, Ville Leino, and hot goaltender.

3. Seriously, fuck Todd Bertuzzi and Ville Leino. Tonight, neither did anything particularly well and in the case of Bert, when he had the semi-breakaway late in the third and face planted for no fucking reason, I kinda wanted to throw myself through a plate glass window; not really for any other reason than its just difficult to watch him sometimes (yes, I've also praised him here as well; I'll turn coat that quickly).

4. Conversely, people who did NOT play like horses' asses are as follows:

Everyone not named Ville Leino or Todd Bertuzzi. Seriously, Leino for Calder? How about Leino to Grand Rapids? Leino for deportation? Just a few ideas.

Special mention to Zetterberg, Helm, Datsyuk, Lidstrom; hell, just about everybody else.

5. Drew Miller - Scrappy little guy. I like having him around.

6. Seriously though, for all the junk I've talked thus far it really wasn't a bad game. 40 shots on goal and a lot of good scoring chances. It certainly could've been a lot worse of a game.

That's all I got. Happy Thanksgiving all. Calgary on Friday. Yippie!


  1. I don't ever want to see as a healthy Eaves scratch and Bertuzzi in the line up ever again! I am beginning to think he has compromising pictures of Uncle Mike. After the face plant, I hate him and I was pulling for him. Dumb lug.

  2. As the proud owner of a Wings' blog, I am going to go ahead and admit that I did not watch the game last night past the 5:00 mark in the 2nd period. There. I said it. Philip Roth was calling me, and reading an amazing book > watching my team shit themselves on the ice. I don't care what kind of a fan that makes me. I'm just sick of watching it.