01 April 2010


A little Jay and Silent Bob shout out in the title. Your welcome. Grant Clitsome. I'm sorry, but at every age, that name should be funny. Maybe I just never grew up; and i'm ok with that.

So about tonight's game:

1. Jimmy! Other than his, um, errant pass, leading to the first goal, our boy Jimmy was great tonight. At tons of points, this kid saved our fuckin' bacon. Haven't we sort of become accustomed to this?

2. Why did Jimmy have to save our bacon? Beacuse of sloppy play early. Periods of the game were dominated by the Wings at both ends of the ice, however, several horrible sloppy turnovers and general shite led to several good chances. Thank god it was Columbus and not someone, you know, good.

3. JIMMY!!!

4. Man, Steve Mason got the shit knocked out of him several times didn't he? Good game by him. Thank god for us he plays for Columbus. Other than Mike "rollin' in dough" Commodore, I dare you to name two other defensemen for this team.

5. Bert's "Goal" - that wasn't actually a goal right? Thoughts from everyone on this one? To me - not a goal. I'm with Murph on that one. Odd that i'm siding with the drunk guy. Did you see Bert talking to Murph during the video review? I'm dying to know what thats about. What would they talk about? Did Bert compliment Murph's sweet tie tonight? Was it a mini-intervention for Murph? Were they discussing Bert's lack of teeth? My curiousity gets the best of me.

6. When is Jimmy getting a rest? Since he had the Olympic break off, does he even need a rest? TSO PREDICTION - Sunday vs Philly, we see the return of Oz.

7. When Val got ran into the boards late in the game.....wern't you a little disappointed no one went after Methot? What the fuck is a Methot anyway? I mean, it was kind of a maybe bordering on shitty hit. This would never be allowed to happen if Todd Bertuzzi were still alive.

8. Every line is clicking right now. Isn't that a great feeling? The top two lines? Amazing. Bottom two? Doing what they do well. Which leads me to....

9. CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT ALERT! I'd REALLY like some of our hockey playing readers opinion on this. I know your out there. I've never been the biggest fan of Dan Cleary. Nice guy, generally a pretty hard worker. A grinder. He does the dirty work. I get his value. To me, the things he does, I think others do them better. Doesn't make him a bad guy, he just is what he is. To me, thats a third or fourth liner; and by that I mean fourth liner. But he's generally rocking on the second line. I hope when he comes back Babs doesn't break up that current line. Anyway, to the controversial statement......

Hasn't Meech looked better at forward these past few games than Cleary was before he got hurt?

Just my observation. Meech is very serviceable at forward, which makes you wonder why he just doesn't convert. Anyway, to me, he's played better of late. He takes care of the puck, has some speed and a shot. He grinds in corners and hits. Maybe he isnt quite as strong, but to me, things are humming with him there in a way that they may not necessarily when Cleary's there skating into the zone, peeling off to the wing, and turning the puck over. I dunno. Its one guys take. Thoughts from the hockey playing contingent out there? I know Cleary would NEVER sit in lieu of Meech when he comes back, and maybe thats correct. I just know what i've thought over the past few games.....

Overall, not a lot to complain about. The Wings pain train keeps on a truckin. #fuckyeah!


  1. I adore Dan Cleary and think that what he brings to the team is invaluable and immeasurable. But you don't break up that second line. And this is coming from someone who despises Todd Bertuzzi, 18 goals be-damned.

  2. I have to agree with Petrella on the first part, but with a qualifier. Cleary is invaluable to this team when he's doing what he does. He's a grinder with the skill to make some excellent plays. He's willing to do the dirty work for his line mates but has a shot that makes him a threat when he has the puck.
    When he plays his role he's an important part of our second line, but right now Bertuzzi is playing that role better (Petrella can barely stand it). Hopefully next season he'll get his head on straight and get back to working for his, and his linemates, points.
    Cleary forever has a spot on this team for his game winner in game 7 last year vs Anaheim. It epitomizes what he can and should be to this team.

  3. Dan Cleary is a guy that adds a lot of value to the team that doesn't show up on the score sheet. When healthy, I feel he's a better option than Meech. This year with all the injuries Danny may have felt he had to step up in some way and add more offense to his game. He's just not that type of player. He's more of the type of player to grind out the corner battles or stake out a spot in the crease and hold it. He creates space and time for guys like Zetterburg and Datsyuk so they can work their magic.

    I don't mean to take anything away from Meech. He fills in well enough at forward so that he doesn't embarrass himself or his linemates. Meech is kind of like a utility infielder in baseball. He's a nice option to have when the starter does down or needs a break.

  4. Oh B to the rian:

    Me on Twitter last night: Clitsome, giggity. Um, great minds think alike.

    I love me some Danny Cleary. I don't know if he's having an identity crisis (hi, I want to be Z) or what, but I think that he'll come around come playoffs. It seems that he's concentrating on being Henrik Zetterberg too much, when what the team needs is Danny Cleary cleaning the garbage up in the crease.

  5. Good call on the Ozzie start on Sunday