15 April 2010

Its the god damn playoffs....

....play like it. Not fucking good enough tonight sirs.

This was, however, the perfect cap for an unadulterated dumpster fire of an afternoon. So thanks Wings for putting forth little effort after period number one. Thanks for making the Phoenix power play look like the 80's style Oilers.

But seriously - not good enough. By most everyone (everyone not named Nick, Hank, Pav, or Homer). Biggest slack ass of the night award:

Johan Franzen

Seriously guy, I love you, but I think you set our ginger movement back about 50 years tonight (I began to wonder if gingers in fact do NOT have souls). You could not have possibly played like any bigger of a wuss tonight. Crash the net you bullish mule fuck. YOUR GOOD AT THAT.

Too much to talk about here. I'm sure Nat will put forth something more intelligible tomorrow.


  1. No, it wasn't but of the teams that played last night that should win their series, everybody lost. We were the only team on the road, who had to travel across country after playing a big game Sunday afternoon. It's a 7 game series and they'll be better Friday. I didn't expect a sweep. The PK will be better and I think we (and by "we", I mean Kronner) will push back a little harder. I don't think the Wings were prepared to play the Duck Jr but they are now.

  2. I'm sure Nat will put forth something more intelligible tomorrow.

    "Nat". That's a fun word. It pops when you say it. Nat. Nat. Nat. It's a sharp word, really. I think it could cut glass if it were a tangible object. "Nat".

    Now it's not sounding like a word anymore. Oh god where am I ...

    - Tyler

  3. I hate Shane Doan ALMOST as much as Cindy, it's getting to be a very close race. I will not stop bitching about that hit on Kronner EVER.

  4. As I KNOW all the Swedes read TSO I'm going to say a few things.


    Kronner: Revenge is a dish best served magma hot.

    Lids: I've never seen you mad before and I like it. It makes my loins frothy.

    Big Rig: Punch someone in the face, please.

    Z: Selke. Make it happen.

    Lils and Homer: I have nothing to bitch about right now, so keep up the good work. Thumbs up.

  5. Agree, "The Mule" needs to get it going. He needs to DO SOMETHING...crash the net, hit some bodies, ANYTHING. Everyone needs to contribute.