07 April 2010

The one where Dan Cleary gives a big "fuck you, jackass!" to me

So i'm officially convinced Dan Cleary reads this blog. In my last post, I made some.....radical claims about one Mr. Dan Cleary. Specifically, I stated over the past few games, he had been outplayed at forward by Derek Meech. It was an admittedly poorly fleshed out point, as I don't feel I conveyed a key point - I don't hate Dan Cleary. I dig the things he does. He's a grinder, and he has alot of heart. He plays hurt and does the dirty work. I stick by the core of my thought that over a period of, oh, two games, Meech outplayed him. Cleary hasn't had a great season at all....

That havinbg been said - I am left with no choice but to think that he reads this, and I made him angry, therefore he set out on a quest to make me look like a complete jackass. And he's succeeded. And I couldn't be happier.

Since I wrote the blasphemous words about Dan, he's been on a serious heater. He at times looked like he was shot out of a cannon during the Philly game, and he scored a good goal tonight. He's looked great. So Dan, if you read this - I apologize. I shouldn't have doubted you. And to Wings fans - you're welcome. I take all responsibility for him playing well. I'm not saying its all me, but yes, I made this happen. ME. Or maybe Cleary is just good. Whatever.

Thoughts on tonights game:

1. Don't you feel for Steve Mason and Rick Nash? I mean, Mason has found his game again. Nash plays a good game. All of it wasted in Columbus. Demand a trade or something guys. Columbus is a shit hole anyway.

2. I think Nat may have shit herself just a bit when Eaves got in a fight. A pretty bad ass moment if you ask me. We need someone like that.

3. So i'm sure some of you are in the same boat as we are between periods - We sometimes skip the intermission show. I feel like Mickey York is yelling at me, nothing exciting normally happens.....so we watch something else during intermission. I'm ninja like stealthy with the remote too; always back in time for the start of the next period. Anyway, tonight I switched over to the History Channel (or something like it) and they had a show called "Life After People". I had seen the special before, but not the actual series. Tonights episode - what happens to bodies after everyones dead? Interesting topic. So I tuned in....and it was NOTHING like the description. Old dudes talking about eating 10,000 year old mastodon meat. Apparently in the 30's they found some at one of the poles. And they ate it. Surprisingly, they said it didn't taste good. I can't imagine why. At the time, it was insanely bizarre that this actually happened....

4. I could be a total crazy person, but I swear I saw TPL Mom when they showed a late view of the crown. Can anyone confirm this? I'm probably crazy.

5. An up and down effort tonight, but Flip, Hank, Z, Homer, and Mule all had great nights. Our best players are playing like it....look out world. As Drew has stated very well at NOHS - I find it hard to believe anyone wants to face the Wings in the first round. You'd be crazy to want that.

6. Underrated athletic feat - The Bell Tire mascot tire thing, in the new Belle Tire commercial....he has some mad ups. You know, at the end, when he hops from the floor to the stack of tires. In proportion to the size of the mascot, thats high up for him, and he leaps up WITH ROOM TO SPARE. Maybe the New Jersey Nets should give that kid a tryout....

7. Murph seems especially drunk tonight. I love Murph, he's a great announcer, and he seems like a nice guy.....but watching him slur over "assertive" and "solvent" tonight - wow.

8. The playoffs are oh so close. I, for one, can't wait. Go Wings. Oh, and a parting video, because I can (and its hilarious to me; for the first minute or so anyway):


  1. His playoff run last year was amazing. I won't hate on him anytime soon because of his run last year. Remember before we entered the series against Pit that he was in the Conn Smythe talk. No shit. Dan f***ing Cleary for Conn Smythe.

  2. On the Mickey Yorke thing: he had a moment during an intermission where he said "and they settled it like men. WITH THEIR FIIISTS!" Cracked me up

  3. There is no sorry in hockey so no, I don't feel sorry for Nash or Mason, I just hates them. Plus, I am just a rotten person. I will be hating on them in person tomorrow night so I just hope Ozzie can get past the 17 second mark before letting one in. I am assuming Babbles will play him tomorrow and Howie against the Hawks - love that blown lead last night. Bodes well.

    Crazy Horse/Big Mouth is brilliant. Caught that on Dlisted.com the other day. Did you see the Victor/Victoria rendition of "Endless Love"? Not nearly as freaky but still fabulous in it's own way (scroll down to the bottom):


  4. Brian, I can always count on you for a hard F...in the title. :)

    I like Rick Nash and his contract is up in 2017....so Kenny, something to think about....

    And Danny, you are my favorite Newfie. Remember when you fought Pronger? Albeit you had to jump in order to hit him, it's the thought that counts. Let's see a little more of that, could we? Because I don't EVER want to see a game like the one against Phillie again.

  5. I'm fully convinced that all Wings read all of our blogs. Seriously, they can all act like, "Oh, I don't care what so and so says," or "That's cool they named a blog after me," but I think really, they hang on every word that we write about them. Or comment about them. It's nice to think that way, anyways.

    The thing about Danny "Newfies Rule" Cleary, is that he's so damn streaky. He tears thru a few games where he scores like 3 or 4 goals, and then settles back into mediocrity for a while. I really hope that playoff Cleary is back, though. Just like Playoff Z, Playoff Mule, Playoff/Olympic Raffy, etc. We pay these guys big $$ because they find another gear in the playoffs & just outshine everyone. I think that's why we saw the Wings hit another gear back in March. Now we're back to coasting. I'm a little worried about the lax defense lately, once more, blown leads, but I think we'll tighten it down before the playoffs start.

    Mickey York is only marginally better than John Keating at hosting the intermission reports. He really does yell! Sadly, after watching some of the other online feeds, FSD is still some of the best. I, personally, like Trev when he does it. He seems to actually know a thing or two about hockey, and most importantly, the players don't seem creeped out by him.

    Like Natalie, I think I may have peed myself a little at Patty Eaves getting in a fight. After first seeing him completely "Eaves" his car flag, we get to see this. And at least by the look of Sara's pics, he trimmed his eyebrows a little bit. Could this guy make me fall any harder for him??

    Thanks for the nightmares, Brian...

  6. Gotta agree, Trevor Thompson is one awesome hockey reporter. He's Canadian and actually plays the game, so maybe he gets some dressing room respect that way.

    More about our beloved Trevor:


    Didn't watch much of the game. I spent more time listening to the Tigers and seeing how Scherzer did in his first start as a Tiger. The best outcome is that no one got hurt. Winning is just gravy.

  7. Truth be told, I really do like the FSD announcing team. I joke about Murph being shithoused, and he likely is, but I like him a lot. I like Ken and Mickey. The studio team is kinda corny, but not bad. Like you guys I also dig Trevor; seems like he actually knows a bit about whats going on. I especially like Angry Curmudgeon Mickey.

    I really do wonder if they read these things. Regardless, i'm taking credit for Cleary. GOOD JOB BY ME.

    Andy, I did not hear the "WITH FISTS!" line, but it sounds like something he would say. Story checks out. Nice catch