23 January 2012

Shootout At The Joe-K Corral

The Wings go for another win at the Joe tonight against the Blues. This will be a grind of a game. The Blues come in tonight sharing the lead with the NY Rangers with the stingiest goals against. It sounds like Jalak and roll will get the start tonight and he is on fire. Sir Jimmothy is having a good streak as well so this will come down to quality scoring chances. Pucks to the net and follow 'em hard, boys. Keep an eye on that butthole Backes, (is that hillbilly plural for 'backs'?) And Peetranjlo. That's how everyone says it, don't ask me, but he's a bit en fuego at the moment as well. This is a tough one, but they will keep the streak going at the Joe. And if it comes to the skills competition, I do believe the Red Wings can pay the bills.

The last couple of years you could feel a shift in the Earth's orbit as Wings Nation collectively raised their hands in frustration when it went to the shootout. It was the world's most anxiety filled six shots. It never seemed to go the good guys way. Until this year. All of the Wings shooters just seem to have a different confidence this year. I wonder what is going through their heads.....

Pavel Datsyuk-"I am Russian ninja. Is almost unfair for goalie. I should try blindfolded. I like soup. Soup. Soup is funny word. But tastes sooo good. Soooooouup. Oh, hey look I just put puck past another goalie. He looks like he got hit with stun gun."

Todd Bertuzzi-"That's right goalie. I'm coming in nice and slow, stalking the puck like a jungle cat. I like taking my time so I can savor the smell of your fear. Did you eat your Wheaties this morning? I didn't. I had a bowl of kitties marinated in tequila and clown tears and stuffed with ghost peppers. I've got loads of filthy, dirty moves. Moves that make everyone go 'DAAAAAMN' like Chris Tucker in Friday. Remember when you would be playing NHL 95 on your Sega Genesis with your asshole friend who would abuse the Spin-O-Rama move? I'm that asshole. I'm going to make the analysts at NHL Tonight say the word 'cheeky' twelve times with this move. Just close your eyes, it will be over soon. The puck is my dark passenger that I need to put in your net."

Jiri Hudler-"Woooooooooo. Hey everybody, check this shit out I'm going to....aw crap. Maybe a slap shot from the blue line wasn't such a good idea. I should just keep copying Z. Or my famous, Don'tforggedaboutdapuckbuddee, move."

Henrik Zetterberg-"I'm walking on sunshine, whooa ohhh. I'm walking on sunshine, whooa ohhh. I'm walking on sunshine, whooa ohhh. And don't it feel good."

See how much more relaxed they are. When we get more shooters, I will crawl into their heads as well.

Let's Go Wings.

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