12 February 2012

No Big Whoop

So there is some kind of streak going on at the Joe, huh? You know what? I don't think I even want to talk about it. Not because I don't think it's significant, but because I don't feel like being all jinxy. I do find it pretty exciting that they are playing the Flyers, the last team to hit 20 wins at home. I care about the streak but not as much as I care about 2 points.

Joey Mac. He is more than serviceable. His playing makes me think he is saying, "Hey, I played well for you last year. Did you need to go out and find another back-up? No, I don't think so." Guess what Conks? You better get used to that plunger because you are not even trade bait right now. Watching Joey play this year makes me remember last year when we all freaked out and then he played solid for us. Now, like last year, we can focus on bitching about the power play and not the back-up goaltender situation.

The Winter Fucking Classic. Start saving your pennies people because even if anyone can get a line on tickets they are not going to be cheap. Even if nobody can get tickets, still plan on going because of Ilitch's Super Spectacular Winter Hockeytime Extravaganza of Awesome Frivolity. Sign up early for snowball fights with live snowmen. Get your tickets for scenic reindeer flights high above the city. Be first in line to Battle Ciccarelli in the Blue Paint for a stuffed animal. Note: You must sign a waiver before participating which includes but is not limited to-lost teeth, concussions, shattered kneecaps, ruptured testicles/ovaries, exploding spleens, or accidental removal of appendix. Seriously though, I know that the wheels are turning in many circles to make some fun things happen, so keep your eyes peeled.

So in my last post I crawled into Bert's head when he takes his turn in the shoot out. I think I will again, but I will also visit Hiller's pube covered noggin.

Todd-You like this Jonas? I'm going to give you a long moment to reflect upon your life up to this moment.

Jonas-What's he doing? How is it possible to move this slow? He is actually travelling backwards. I think I see the fabric of the space/time continuum tearing.

Todd-You know that scene in Star Wars where Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca are trapped in the trash compacter desperately trying to avoid their agonizingly slow impending doom? That is what this is like, only there is no R2-D2 here to save you.

Jonas-Why is he staring at me like that? I think I actually feel my soul burning away.

Todd-The puddle of urine you just laid down on the ice cannot save you. It is over Jonas, the workers are going home.

Jonas-I'm so cold, but I cannot move because my tears have frozen my mask to the ice.

I'm sorry but I think Pavel and Todd are the best one/two punch combination in the shootout. If the game does happen to go to the shootout, I pause the DVR, go pop some popcorn, then sit back and enjoy the show. What a huge difference from last year where I dreaded the shootout, just accepting that hey, at least they got a point. Mind you I would rather they blew the doors off of the competition in regulation.

Let's Go Wings

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