01 January 2012

I'm Not Making Any Promises

Yeah, yeah, I know. "Where the fuck have you been Zac?" I missed a couple of games here and there. Especially whenever there is a West Coast swing. I'm not saying I don't want to watch those games, and I'm not going all Sally saying they are just too late. It's that I get up at 2:00 am to go to work. It is impossible for me to watch those games. I do usually get to see them the next day if they are rerun on the NHL Network. We missed most of the Chicago game because we were out with friends for my birthday. We saw the third period and it looked like that summed up the game with the way the calls were going. To quote Mick, "But hey, a refs a ref".

We saw most of last night's game, and it was glorious. Another shutout for Sir Jimmy Howard VonStoppinpucks. Most people don't know that that was his family's original name from the old country. Jimmy is playing uber confident right now. I only wish he had the kind of stats that Maple Leafs goaltender James Reimer is putting up. Wait. What's that you say? What the fuck? According to the stats page over at NHL.com, Reimer is beyond 30th in all of the big goaltending categories. Those stats would be decent in a 1500 team league. Good thing he is on the All-Star ballot. It's right up there with Crosby's 8 games played. Sorry NHL, but you are really doing this shit all wrong. I know people say that they don't care about the All-Star game, but I do. I believe players should be recognized and rewarded for THE SEASON THEY ARE HAVING THIS YEAR. Get rid of putting people on the ballot based on reputation. And for god's sake quit letting us dopey fans vote. We are all retarded homers. Maybe next year we can vote on class clown, most likely to succeed, best dressed, and cutest couple. We all know that Keith and Seabrook run away with that last category. And I'm pretty sure that nobody can dethrone Lundqvist as best dressed. 24/7 is showing off his skills in dapperness.

You know what I would like to see? No, not world peace. That dream is a moot point considering that the world is supposed to end next December. Don't worry, I've already hired John Cusack and a limo to save me and my family. What I would really like to see is the disappearance of these fucking ridiculous reputation calls against Todd Bertuzzi. And yes, I am an expert because I have those one things, what do you call them...oh yes, fucking eyeballs. I have said it before, he gets at least one a game. These bullshit calls that magically seem to happen when the opposing team is down or the Red Wings are surging. Okay, I will take off my tinfoil hat now, but I will be damned if I am taking off my tinfoil underwear.

I am really enjoying the play of Zetterberg right now. I know that I was a little down on him a few posts ago, but he has been really strong on the puck. And if he had a goal for every time he hit a post these last couple of weeks, he would have a bucket full of goals. These shots will start going in. It was also nice to see Mr. Streaky score last night with a good ole fashioned Mule move to the net goal. Maybe this will be the start of one of Franzen's good streaks. So feed the Mule boys. Or according to Doc Emrick, feed the Moose. Just driiiiiiiive to your local pet food store and pick up some moose pellets.

Hey, who else wanted to go to Detroit and pick up one of those Special Edition Red Wing Ram 1500 Express trucks? Me too, only I have seemed to misplace that extra $36,000 I had laying around for just such an event. I would even take the one from the commercials with all of Franzen's puck dents. Maybe I would get a $35,500 discount, you know, kind of like hail damage.

I like that some of these Griffins are getting some big club playing time, but it will sure be nice when the Wings get some of the guys back from injuries. A whole line of rookies is just sometimes there. It is better when one of these guys gets inserted into a line of vets. But the experience gained just bolsters the depth.

Now as to the title of this post. I really am not going to make any promises. I am not going to make a ridiculous New Year's resolution stating that I will post before and after every game. I am not going to promise that I can coerce either Natalie or Brian to write here this season, we can only keep our fingers crossed. I can only promise that I will probably be just as inconsistent as the previous months. You will get the same shit from me, posts liberally sprinkled with various forms of the word 'fuck'.

I hope all of you in Red Wings Nation had a glorious holiday season. Here is hoping that the new year brings another Cup back to Detroit. We will also see if I can detox off of all the ham I have eaten this last week.

And as Always, Let's Go Wings

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