17 December 2011

I Broke Out the Canned Air

'Sup Folks. Hahas. It has been awhile. So between work, holiday doings, a bunch of December birthdays, naps, and tweeting about meals, I have totally neglected the ancient holiday tradition of blogging. We also had Jen starting a new job and the neighbor kid eating all of our food. Seriously, this tyke packs it away. I wonder if pet food stores sell tape worm food, either that or I buy stock in Cheez-its. How about those new Colby Cheez-its? They are fucking great.

Wait a minute, why am I here? Oh yes, Red Wing hockey. Since I last wrote at this fine establishment the Wings were doing pretty good. Scoring goals, Jimmy looking not at all like an All-Star, shutting other teams down. Then they came up on the Predators who were doing just as well. It was a battle of a couple of 3 game winning streak teams. And even though the Preds came out on top, the Red Wings played very well. Hank and Pavel both had missed opportunities, but sometimes that's the way the puck bounces. And speaking of bounces, that Weber goal was about as mental as you are ever going to see. Watching that slow-mo was like watching that scene in JFK where they were watching the Zapruder film in slow-mo. "Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left." I really don't think any of Jimmy's goals were all that weak. The Preds just happened to be in perfect position for the rebound after Jimmy made a great save.

Unfortunately the mistakes the Wings did make in this game cost them. That would be them having a chance to get the puck out of their end and failing to do so. That allowed the Predators to cycle while preventing a Wings line change. I saw people on the twitter saying that game was a horrible choke. I must have been watching a different game. The Predators played them tight all night and were really laying the body on the Wings. Sure, the Wings controlled the puck a ton in their end and had some good cycles, but it's not like the Preds were playing like shit.

Aside from the suckitude of a Wings loss, it seems that the close Wings games have been really exciting games to watch. But I will take a boring blow out over a close nail biter any day. Especially with the points in the West tightening up. I would rather enjoy my adult beverage of choice leisurely rather than slamming shots of flaming Everclear to calm my nerves.

Tonight the Kings come to the Joe. This is a Kings team with a broken crown. They have all kinds of shit going on. Firing the coach, tied with the Mighty Islanders for last with 67 goals for this season. I never like to say, "This should be a win for the Wings", but this one should. The Kings are in disarray and playing a team like the Red Wings is not a good place to try to put the wheels back on the track. I'm just glad they are playing on the ice at the Joe and not like the ice they played on at their last game. Which had about the same consistency as a fucking hard packed Slushee.

I know the countdown is on for Christmas and that's all well and good, but my countdown is on for my free motherfuckin' ham from work. I also have a couple of projects to finish up, (I have not forgotten you Ann, a series of events has delayed this project but is back on track now). I also found something I started a long time ago that, when finished, I will probably give it away here at Scrappy Octopus. Just don't hold your breath, it will be done when it's done and I have other art obligations to tend to before I can even think about that.

Let's Go Red Wings

And Ham on Ham Eaters

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