14 October 2010

Tonight's game was one of them flaming bags again...

Good things about tonight's game:

During said game, I downloaded an Antoine Dodson soundboard for my Android. So I got that going for me.

Things that were bad about the game:

Things involving ice.

The cries of "Eat a dick Ozzie" were heard round the Twitterverse. Brad Stuart was apparently abducted before the game and replaced by Rig (or at least he played like that over-sized shit filled colostomy bag who attempts to play defense) . We all waited with baited breath for the Kari Lehtonen catastrophic injury that didn't happen (I had tonight in the office pool). A dumpster fire all around.

Here are some thoughts to cheer you up, because as you know, I'm a glass-half-full kind of cat:

1. Currently on VH1, Rocky 4 is on, right at the point Rocky is giving his "If I can change, you can change" speech that ended the Cold War.

2. Todd Bertuzzi didn't kill anyone...that we know of.

3. It's Friday.

4. Following up Rocky 4 on VH1? Road House.

Kick back and enjoy the weekend. There's a lot more hockey ahead.


  1. The only thing worse than having to watch that game was having to watch that game on the NHL Network and listen to Darryl Razor Reaugh describe the Wings as lymphatic...and then being forced to agree with him. Well, that and watching Franzen get Fristriced and spit blood! In the end, I was forced to suspend myself for repeatedly making the "Wizniewski gesture" at my TV.

  2. Krononymous, I am SO GLAD someone else heard the "lymphatic" comment, too! At least those guys understood that we fans wanted to barf blood after the game last night.

    If Rocky 4 could change the world in 1985, maybe the Wings need to blast that speech in their locker room before games. Or maybe Ivan Drago needs to come in and kick ass. I dunno.

  3. I thought the best comment from the Dallas announcers was the nice clean fresh ice was the reason they didn't have more shots on Ozzy(Not that they needed it apparently).

    They also didn't seem to know what a Hook was. Datsyuk would tap someone's stick near the toe and grab the puck like he does, and they'd be all, "Little bit of a hook there" or "That is a missed hook call". I was getting so sick of it. I missed versus for about 10 minutes, then I asked my girlfriend to slap the stupid out of me.