13 October 2010

Calm the fuck down.

The Wings should not have lost tonight.

It is, however, early. No one should be worried at all. I saw it, a little bit so far. Some folks need to be talked off ledges...IN OCTOBER. Breathe, people. Deep, cleansing breaths. It is going to be ok.

How do I know this? So far this season you've seen the Wings be at times unstoppable. The beautiful, fluid motion we've seen in the past...we're seeing it, right now, at times. For the Anaheim game, we saw it for the entire game. At Chicago, we saw it less. Tonight, well, we saw some...but we also saw mistakes and letdowns.

It's a growing process. We're working in those few new pieces, and now we have a few injuries to worry about. Bottom line?

It's game three. Let's all relax.

On to some game-time thoughts:

1. Hey, Mr. Janik...Next time there's a fight, walk away. I'd prefer not to ever have to deal with seeing that again. Or maybe you could just fall down before it starts.

2. Peter Budaj - Is Budaj Slovak for "Worst goaltender currently playing not named Andrew Raycroft"? Just curious.

3. Peter Budaj's helmet is a complete fucking dumpster fire.

4. The Wings couldn't even get ONE in the shootout? Really?

5. Jimmy, friend, not your best work. The O'Reilly goal is a must stop 10 times out of 10.

6. Until he's retired, I will ALWAYS hate Adam Foote and his stupid damn face. Just the very look of him makes me wish someone would Kronwall him.

7. Kronner...Did you misplace the Harry Potter glasses tonight, sir? What the fuck was on your mind tonight?

8. So many things tonight, in flashes, looked amazing. Mule's dominance. Cleary is flying around like a crazy person (I think it's because he's still mad at me). Hudler (or Hooler, if you rather) looks great. So many things this season have looked great so far. Just gotta iron out the rough spots.

9. Not missed tonight? Ericsson's "physical presence". Hopefully someone gets the joke.

10. You will be missed Mr. Maltby. Hell of a career, sir.

That's my sleepy game for tonight. Just remember folks - It's going to be ok.


  1. Adam Foote is a shitstain on the brand new underwear of the universe.

    Janik does not belong in the NHL. EVER.

    And I believe I know what was wrong with Kronner tonight. He's SCUUUUUUURRREDD.

  2. [touching finger to nose]

    I see what you did there...

  3. Remind me why we signed Janik again? This does not compute. Honestly, even a rookie like Kindl looked like a freakin' all star compared to him. Granted, I did see him make one nice play...I think it was him...but good lord. Raf, heal soon, will ya? Cuz it's gonna be ugly.

    And thanks for your voice of reason, Brian! Cleary looked insane good. Franzen WILL be our next 40-goal scorer, and Helmer freakin' passed the puck on a 2-on-1 shortie scoring chance. He's learning well. Pass the puck to Patty O'Shirtless... it will lead to good things. Kindl impressed me in a way that the Big Rig probably never will (don't tell Sara I said that, she's holding out hope). But for the love of God, Emma, PLEASE re-set Hank's targeting computer. WTF was with him tonight? And I think Kronner needs to spend some time back with Stuie to get the suck washed off of him. I'm making a sign next time I'm at the joe that will say "Just shoot the goddamn puck."

    Ok, rant over. So glad you guys are back!

  4. Kronner was off (even craptastic at times but he almost scored a couple) but he wasn't the only one. Dare I say I missed the Big E last night? Okay, maybe not but the devil you know...I think I even saw Uncle Mike try to hide a giggle after Janik's "fight".

    I do believe Modano's mind was already in Dallas. I can only imagine where the spinning slow-mo shootout magic went Pavs and Bert.

    And now for something completely different, did the Kings actually walk out of a castle last night?

  5. HAHAHAHA. I see what you did there, too! I get the joke, yippeeeeee!