05 November 2011

Well Goody Gum Drops For You

I kind of knew this was coming. I have been fartin' around on the interwebs reading various Wings blogs just to see what everybody else was posting as their pre-game. And over at A2Y I saw it. Two perfect examples of what I was looking for.

1. Trolls reveling in this little slide by the Wings. I never understood trolls. The biggest thing I don't understand about them is them basing their whole hockey identity on hating the Red Wings. Oh I understand your jealousy, really I do. But for you to think that I give one giant steaming pile of shit about your taunts written from your sister's basement while you furiously masturbate over where the Red Wings are in the standings, well, you have got another thing coming. Quit trying to match wits with some of the best in the business. Your arguments always break down due to you using half-assed research, invalid stats, and the most egregious of all offenses-your boring ass tired cliches. Seriously? These are the weapons you arm yourself with before going into battle. Just shut your stupid ass face, wait for the Proactiv to kick in, and find yourself a life you fucking turds.

2. Fans of suck-ass teams trying to console us. Welcoming us to sup at their buffet of suck. Fuck off. We are Wings fans. Pardon my arrogance, but even with this losing streak, the Red Wings are nothing like your team. The last twenty years is proof to that. Here's my stat laden argument-The Red Wings are awesome, so suck on that shithead. Sorry if we decline to join your brotherhood of losers, but we just don't roll like that.

To everyone saying that the wheels are falling off of this franchise, are you fucking retarded? I have been hearing this for the past decade. This is a talent laden team that just needs a few tweaks here and there. Enough with the age thing. The team has gotten younger with the off-season's retirements. And don't tell me you wouldn't trade your top two defensemen, plus the agreement to become a eunuch for Lidstrom. Yeah you would, you liar.

Geez, lately the first half of my posts have become reactionary to the happenings on the internet. So I guess we talk about tonight's game. Eww, the Ducks. If there was ever a team to turn things around with a massive beatdown, it would be them. I am not afraid of Hiller's Darth Vader mask. Remember in Return of the Jedi at the end of the movie when Luke helps Vader take off the mask and underneath his head just looked like a chewed on eraser? Yeah. Under Hiller's mask is just a mealy-mouthed pig-nosed turd with a femmy page boy haircut. Nobody ever liked Prince Valiant or his stupid hair. He should cut his hair and donate it to Getzlaf even though he only deserves a wig of pubes.

Whew. My dander is up and I am full of vitriol today. I guess it's due to all of the assclowns shooting off their mouths. Don't get all butthurt when we shoot back. For our aim is deadly and our ammo plenty.

Let's Go Wings

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