11 November 2011

Protect Yer Berries

So the source of all of my news, twitter, informs me that Zetterberg is suffering from a "middle body injury". I do not know what this means. This sounds like when you rent a porn pay-per-view and you get a three hour block, but you took care of business before the opening credits were done rolling. Now you spend the next three hours making sure that you are making the most of the rental fee. Inevitably you cause yourself a "middle body injury". Or, like someone suggested, volcanic diarrhea. Who knows with these injury reports these days. It's a page out of the Belichick school of disinformation.

For the last two games at the MacRostie Clan household you could feel the hum of will power as we collectively concentrated our mind beams through the television to have pucks magically fly into the net for the Wings. Well, that didn't really happen. The Red Wings played well enough on their own without the help of my neurotic superstitions. As a fan, when I listened real hard during that first game, I could hear a collective sigh from Red Wings Nation as the goals started piling up.

Watching these games I noticed something that will not come as a shock to anyone-Ericsson is really fucking slow. There are so many times where he just quits skating and glides to the puck. Which in turn causes a turnover or errant pass from him. Or you have him taking a penalty. Although that weak-ass hooking call that led to the bulldozing Landeskog goal. That's a weird name. You have been banished to the Land of Skog. I think the Landeskog is the natural enemy of the Sleestak. Long story short, Ericsson is not worth 3 jillion a season. More like minimum wage plus tips. But then he would forget to claim his tips and the IRS would be all over his ass. And you don't want to know what he does for tips.

Tonight the Oilers are in rollin' into the Joe. There is a lot of youth on this team. Which in turn leads to inexperience, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to the dark side. The way the Wings played against the Avs shows they know how to play against these youthful, speedy teams. Their puck possession is a start to a good game plan. So is not getting caught flat footed. The big thing will be getting pucks past The Bulin Wall who has been playing Beyond Thunderdome so far this year. Jimmy has not been too shabby himself though, bettering himself in most categories so far this young season. The two teams have about an 18% success rate on the PP, but the power play isn't much of an advantage against the Oilers, whose PK has been stellar at just under 87%.

So they will going up against the number one draft picks for about the last decade, Ryan-Nugent-Hopkins-Alliwishous-Esquire-the III. What up with all of these hyphenated names lately? Isn't nugent the stuff they put in candy bars? Now with 50% more nugent. Yes, I realize that it is actually nougat you asswipes. Shame on you for trying to piss on my fun.

Let's Go Wings

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