12 November 2011

Top Jimmy Cooks. Top Jimmy Swings

He's got the looks, he's the king. The one thing that always bugged me about Howard's play the last two years was his lack of shutouts. I know it's a little arbitrary because a win is a win. But I always felt that the shutout was a nice way for the goalie to give a little extra fuck you to the opposing team. Jimmy has three on the season now, which is tied for first in the league. That gives him eight for his career. I like this. I like how he is playing this year. It shows that if you give a goalie goal support and strong forechecking and backchecking, things will go their way more often than not.

Kudos to the Wings for giving Khabibulin his first regulation loss and getting his goals against above 1. It's nice to see them figuring these goalies out on this win streak. During the slide it's not like they weren't getting pucks to the net, but the amount of quality pucks to the net. I always felt for some reason that opposing goalies always played way up against the Wings. Like they used some magical video game power-up before the game. I like the shots they are taking. But Datsyuk, please, need more shoot. I would be very interested to know what Kronwall's blast clocked in at, 'cause that thing left vapor trails. Any guesses? For sure +100mph.

So now the Wings finish out this home stand against the Stars who have been clicking. What kind of team shows up after dropping one to the Pens last night? This will be a battle between the haves and the have Otts. And if you have Ott, then I don't like you because he is a douche. There is good balance on this Stars team. They have a good defensive core and some good young guns up front. When you look at their roster, there are a couple of players where you go, "Aw shit, I forgot they picked up THAT guy". Plus there is Lehtonen who leads the league in wins. Hopefully tonight he is Kari Lehtsomein.

When the Wings are playing their game, other teams don't frighten me. I think they are the best 5 on 5 team out there. On a side note. I have always been pro Bertuzzi. He gave the team a lift when they needed it. But having him out ill has been a nice break for the Wings since you can subtract about 3 penalties a game. One reputation penalty. One dumb retaliation penalty. And one 'What the Fuck, Todd' penalty. When he comes back and does something like that, I think he will be the odd man out and taking some healthy scratches.

Hey Dallas, welcome to the Real D. Let's Go Wings.

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