09 January 2011

This blog still exists?

Back from an EXTREMELY long holiday break (MUCH needed), I am very much of two minds about tonight's game; therefore, I shall break it down in two sections:

1. Fuck you, Roberto Luongo.

I don't know if I've ever voiced my thoughts on Luongo in this medium previously, so if not, here goes. Technically speaking, to me, he is a good goalie. Quick, fast movement, flexible, good vision.....everything you'd want in a goalie (maybe not for the next ten years at $10 million per, but still). He does, however, have a flaw which irks the shit out of me.....

....he is the biggest baby I have ever seen.

Yes, more of a baby than Sidney (gasp!). While players may dive, work refs, it seems like a larger than it should be percentage of goals are NEVER his fault, in his mind anyway. Watch a Canuck game sometime. If someone is within two feet of his crease, if a puck goes in, he ALWAYS seems to cry about it. He is perpetually working refs, bitching about everything under the sun. The end of tonight's game is a prime example of this. Bert's foot GRAZES him. Comes in close to him. Luongo, however, dives like he just got whacked by Jeff Gillooly. Seeing that contact, you REALLY have to act to even fall in that way. Its shameful.

So picture that. Play is happening. The game hasn't stopped. You've had Homer's planet sized ass in your face all night, and maybe he'd had enough. Whether these factors entered his mind or not, he had a decision to make - Flop like you're a European soccer player and POSSIBLY allow a puck in the net that may or may not be waved off; or make a fucking attempt to stop the puck....

....and you know which he picked. He went down like he'd been shot in the leg, and Kronner's shot got waved off. And that's fine, since we won in the shootout anyway (the best possible FUCK YOU to such a giant vagina). But that's who he is. HE WAS THE CAPTAIN OF THAT TEAM UNTIL THIS SEASON. How fucked in the head is that? He is not clutch. Sure, he won a gold, but my recollection of that game is Luongo positively itching to give that game away, looking shaky in the clutch. What a wuss.

2. Saddle up Jimmy, because you're carrying this team.

The state of the Wings health is kind of astounding this year. Pav, Buckets, Fil, Mikey-Mo, and now Brad Stuart. Now, Osgood is getting his groin injury evaluated, and there's a possibility this might be a longish term injury. How does Jimmy respond?

He seemed to know what he needed to do. He won this game tonight. He carried that team on his back; and with every god damn body out, he'll have to do that with a lot more frequency than he probably should. The team is in a great place in the standings in a VERY competitive Western conference, which is good, because with all the injuries, they may need it.

Players are stepping up and filling bigger roles better than last year, but while everyone is out, this team will go as far as Tiberius can carry them.

So many other things we could talk about, but TSO is working its way back into blogging shape. Welcome back to us. Game recaps, hockey talk, and creative swears will appear with more frequency. Welcome back to us.


  1. Yay! I haven't seen you in 1.5 Scrappy Octopi, your wit has been sorely missed

  2. Speaking as the Canucks fan you know that I am, I agree with everything you point out re: Lou. Though I realize that today is three+ months after the fact. ;)