06 May 2010

Let's make sure this is adequately bloated.

I'm pretty sure somewhere Dany Heatly just demanded a trade.

So the Wings have staved off elimination for another day, winning tonight fuck you-1. A statement game that San Jose didn't seem to care about. And why should they? They are up 3-1. The Wings have to win three in a row, an extremely tough task against this San Jose team. Who knows if they can pull it off, but it was nice to watch the effort tonight. It's good when you can see your team move up and down the ice with ease and know that they can pretty much do whatever they want on the ice. We've not seen that Wings team often enough through the playoffs; I'm glad it happened tonight.

Since we've received some feedback stating this site doesn't provide much in the way of game analysis (and we at the Scrappy Octopus take all complaints seriously), allow us to provide our take on the game:

The Sharks shit the bed. Oh, and Joe Thornton acted a fool. Great leadership, guy.

So there you have it. It's simple when you break it down scientifically. Now, the Wings still have a huge hole to climb out of. It's going to be hard. McLellan is an amazing coach. Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski, Blake...it's a talented group. All the right role players. It's going to be a tough road. Tonight, however, the Wings started the first step in that process - they won tonight.

Three more guys. Oh, and Nat wanted me to quote her on something: "Abdelkader's fight was very Downey-like". Her words, not mine (though I feel her on that one). I'm pretty sure if Abby's right would've connected, it would've killed a guy.

Go Wings. Let's get this done.


  1. I am ready and willing to mate with the Mule. I want little ginger hellions clip clopping all over the fucking place. I want us to become one on top of an active volcano WHILST hot magma is raining down on our even hotter bodies. Wait, where am I?

    Franzie, you and Kronner are now sister wives.

  2. I don't understand this post. Where's the junior college grammar and over-used cliches?

    In related news: agreed about Gator. When they showed the replay of the quasi-fight, I told my lovely bride that if that first haymaker connected, Scott Nichol's season would have been over. Luckily for Nichol, it didn't, and it ended up being a rather uneventful fight, but it was nice to see that Abdelkader didn't want to let anyone take liberties with the team. The Sharks aren't a dirty team at all, and I'm positive they were just frustrated, so I doubt there's any carry-over, but it was great to see someone say "fuck this noise" for a change.

    Also, Scott Nichol's a pain in the ass, eh? I was only vaguely familiar with him from his Nashville days, but he's an agitator like whoa. Hell of a guy to have on your team, assuming he doesn't go all Avery on 'em.

  3. Testing, testing, 1...2...3

    Just wanted to say: In the cold light of the morning after, I STILL WANT TO BIRTH SOME BABY MULES with the 3 eggs I have left. SIGH.

  4. Should we send over the police to make sure that smell your neighbors have been dealing with isn't your rotting copse?

    -Crater From SoCal