08 November 2010

Get your ass out there and hang on to it!

Oh, I will Babcock, I will. Live TV is glorious.

A good effort by the Wings tonight. Much better than the Vancouver game, which fell apart. One observation i'd like to throw out from that game - Luongo's body language is HORRIBLE. He gave up 4 goals, and on half of those, he baby cried about something or the other.....it was never HIS fault; either someone interfered, or Cleary 'threw it in', or the sun was in his eyes, or some shit....Just suck it up and move on.

Anyway, on to tonights game:

1. Jimmy's near death experience on the ice scared the living shit out of me. Where did yours jump to? Mine? Groin injury; followed closely by blown MCL (look who remembers taking Human Anatomy ages ago in high school. Me=expert). Thankfully he just had to rub a little dirt on it and he was fine.

2. Jiri Judler is a midget. Duh, i'm sure is the first thing YOU thought. Dick. Homeboy is seriously weak on the puck.

3. Ulf Samuelsson - I can't believe that fucker is a coach. I figured he'd taken to a post-career job of burning down convents and taking shits on homeless people while they sleep. Nat's thoughts on Ulf? "His eyes are way too close together", implying of course he has some sort of cognitive difficulties. Why yes, yes they are, and yes, he likely does. She's the best :)

4. I'm going to give you three phrases, used in order of most scary to least scary:

Lebda joins the rush!
Looks like Stuart is jumping up in the play!
The Wings have brought Tim cheveldae out of moth balls to start in goal for the remainder of the season

5. I could give or take the first two periods of the game. Pav made me want to throw myself from a moving car until the third, when he decided to shoot again. Starting in the Vancouver game, I felt he did that thing he does where he becomes "too cute" and stops doing the things that make him good. Of course, this is me essentially saying "Hey, best player on the team, perpetual Selke nominee.....Here's what you SHOULD be doing", so i'm going to shut the fuck up.

6. Speaking of said first two periods....until about two minutes to go in the second; everything just looked off. No one was meshing, shit didnt look right at all. Except....

7. Abdelkader. This kid is a house on fire right now. At this point i'm sure he can do no wrong. A great couple of games by him. He's so awesome i'm fairly certain he impregnated me from afar tonight; especially difficult a task since i'm a dude.

8. Fun fact - during the Versus coverage; when they showed footage from the concourse....Did you see that Legace jersey? It happened, I promise.

9. I was also asked to address the fact that Aaron Ward looks like an asshole/date rapist.

OT win is pretty awesome. Rusty came up big in overtime. A win is a win.



  1. It's never Luongo's fault? Does he know Chris Osgood?

  2. The Wings have brought Tim cheveldae out of moth balls to start in goal for the remainder of the season.


  3. Best Babbles comment ever! I think TPL or WIM needs to expand their line pf shirts to include "Get your ass out and hang on to the puck".

    I was insanely grumpy from the last minute in the first until five minutes into the 3rd when they ("they" does not include Abby or Loins) collectively dumped the load of potatoes outmof their pants and started to move. Not Homer though (sorry Natalie, his derrier seemed to stuck to the bench).

    Douchiest moments in Versucks commentary in OT:

    "You have to remember that if that shot was a little lower, we wouldn't be here" - WTF? Last time I checked, the crossbar doesn't count.

    "It's hard to say who was holding who there" - Apparently not for the referees.

  4. Yeah, that should have been "t-shirts"!

  5. Krononymous, you don't have to worry about offending me with your comment about Homer; I agree wholeheartedly. Something needs to give to get the big guy going...maybe it's time for another drawing dedicated to him?

  6. Oh, the "sorry" was less about offense and more about feeling your pain. I also feel sad when our Angry Chipmunk is not himself. I do think a drawing would help. Perhaps one for Happy as well? Something tasteful with hookers.

  7. I'm sure happy to Abdelkader playing so well. I'm an MSU-Hockey nut who cheered the team all the way to his national champion winning goal, so it's great to see him stepping up on the big stage.