03 November 2009

Bring on the BRUINS (a.k.a. BEARS)

Today has already been a suckfest of epic proportions. My CAR wouldn't start this morning, so I had to get it towed. From my home. How lame is that? At least it didn't break down on the side of the road, but come on. Now, just crossing my fingers that something horrendous isn't wrong with it...

A Wings' victory tonight would feel oh-so-good, borderline inappropriately so. Unfortunately, we won't be able to watch it, as we're DirecTV subscribers, and Versus/Comcast/DirecTV can all eat shit.

Now, with my prerequisite shitfit out of the way...

Bring on THESE guys:

No, no, no. Wait. Awwww, aren't they cute? Shit. No, not those guys! What am I saying? THESE guys:

There are some interesting parallels between the Wings and the B's, the leader of the Eastern Conference heading into last year's playoffs. The Bruins are also off to an iffy start; they are currently fourth in the Northeast division, with 13 points (the same number as Detroit, incidentally).

The Bruins' away record thusfar is 2-2-1; the Wings' home record is 3-1-1.

One distinction between the two teams is the power play. The Wings' PP is 22.2%, while the Bruins have been far less successful, coming in at 12.2%. Still, the Wings' PP is not to be taken for granted; it's one of the few things I found glaringly bad during Saturday's game in Calgary. It'll be interesting to see how these teams match up to one another in this respect.

(On a complete and total side note, how sad does it make you to realize that the Wings have had 42 goals scored against them so far? Anaheim has also had 42 GA; Dallas and Los Angeles each have had 45 GA; and Edmonton and Columbus have had 46 GA each. By contrast, freakin' Phoenix has had a measly 30 GA. Bleh.)

Also worth noting, per Ansar Khan, Doug Janik has been recalled from Grand Rapids and will play for Brian Rafalski, who is out with the flu. Sigh. The only thing I have to say about this is that I'm not sure if the universe can handle Janik, Brett Lebda, and Derek Meech all at once. And no, for once, it's not because the level of sheer awesomeness will make the earth implode.

In any event, I hope those lucky fans who get to watch the game have fun; I'll try to catch the highlights and look at the stats and throw something on here either tonight or tomorrow.

No matter what happens, though, let's hope it doesn't come to this:


  1. 2-0 win is awesome.

    I bet Doug Janik fell down a lot.

  2. People are praising Doug Janik! I guess it wasn't a shitshow after all. Good for him for proving us wrong.

    I'm super duper proud of Ozzie. Does this suffice as a recap?